When will Season 2 of 3% be on Netflix?


3% was Brazil’s first Netflix Original which blew many audiences away with its sci-fi take and has been officially renewed for season 2. Here’s our prediction as to when the Netflix release date of 3% will be. 

The series, which is spoken in Portuguese throughout with English subtitles (which sometimes overlaps white sections meaning you can’t read it, grr) is a Hunger Games-Esque Netflix Original that only permits 3% of people through to the other side. To get to the other side, people have to win a series of tasks which range from building cubes to personality tests. This whole process is under threat from a terrorist organization, though.

The first season was met with a lot of praise but for most people, having to read the subtitles would’ve been a big put off which is an ultimate shame because it’s a fantastic show and once again proves that foreign speaking series can flourish on Netflix.

There’s still a lot of questions to be answered and plenty of rivalries to be crushed too so we’re glad a second season has officially been confirmed.

The first season of 3% landed on Netflix on November 25th, 2016 with eight 50 minute episodes. The second season was first confirmed on the show’s official Facebook page on 4th December 2016.

Given the turnaround time for the first season, we think the show will continue running in a yearly format. With that said, it’d make sense for us to give season 2 a release date of around November/December 2017. We have no official confirmation of this yet though with only a 2017 release date being thrown around.

In the meantime, we’d recommend going to watch some of the other Latin American shows such as Narcos and Club de Cuervos as they’re hidden gems and if subtitles don’t bother you, then you’re in for a real treat.

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