When will Season 2 of Better Than Us be on Netflix?

Better Than Us – Picture: Netflix

Better Than Us is Netflix’s first big show from Russia and it’s a sci-fi epic. The series came to Netflix exclusively around the world but isn’t a full Netflix Original. Here’s what we know about season 2 of Better Than Us and when it’ll be on Netflix. 

For anyone unfamiliar with the show, it bares a striking resemblance to Channel 4 and AMC’s Humans which ran for three seasons. The show is about a robot with cutting edge technology that’s being sought after by the corporation that developed it. The series could also be compared to the video game, Detroit: Become Human.

The series featured various dubs including English but recommended to watch it in its original Russian with English subtitles.

Better Than Us arrived on Netflix among a few other sci-fi series the month with Another Life being the most notable.

Season 2 of Better Than Us is technically already on Netflix

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Netflix picked up the Russian series shortly after season 2 had aired. It’s combined the first and second season together with each originally comprising of 8 episodes a-piece.

Season 1 first aired in late 2018.

Season 2 ran in Russia from July 7th before wrapping up then coming to Netflix globally.

What that actually means we’re looking for is whether and when a third season of Better Than Us will be releasing and then when it will be coming to Netflix.

Has Better Than Us been renewed for season 2?

Putting aside the fact season 2 is technically already on Netflix, let’s look at the possibility of a full season 2 or as the Russians would now know it as, season 3.

Official renewal status: not renewed (last updated: 08/19/2019)

We weren’t able to find any reference to season 3 from Russian media so its future is very much up in the air.

With that said, the series did end with a fairly big cliff hanger. We see the activation of several devices on a table before it emails Georgey with the message of “HELP ME”.

Ultimately, it’ll be down to the original network in Russia to continue the series but given Netflix is on board, that may provide enough financial incentive to push forward.

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