When will Season 2 of ‘Better Than Us’ be on Netflix?

It's highly likely unlikely the second full season of the show will ever see the light of day.

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Better Than Us season 2 not coming to Netflix

Better Than Us – Picture via Netflix

Better Than Us, one of Netflix’s pioneering Russian shows, is a sci-fi marvel. Although Season 2 is technically available on Netflix, future episodes seem improbable on the platform. Here’s what we know.

Those who haven’t seen the show might find it akin to Channel 4 and AMC’s Humans, which spanned three seasons. The plot revolves around an advanced prototype robot, equipped with sophisticated AI, sought by both the corporation that created it and law enforcement, in the wake of a murder.

The series features various dubs, including English, but viewing it in the original Russian audio with English subtitles is arguably the best experience.

Netflix released Season 1 outside Russia on August 16, 2019, after its premiere on Russian channels Start and C1R. Netflix retains the rights to the series until August 2026, after which it’s expected to depart from the service.

Is Season 2 of Better Than Us on Netflix?

Before discussing the next season, it’s essential to note that Netflix technically already hosts Season 2. The show’s 16 episodes in Russia were broadcast across two seasons, with the first airing weekly in 2018 and the second in 2019.

Netflix, however, merged the two seasons, each initially consisting of eight episodes, for its release.

This article will refer to any forthcoming episodes as “Season 2,” consistent with Netflix’s naming convention.

Will there be a Season 2 for Better Than Us?

Official renewal status: Renewed (last updated: 11/17/2020)

More than a year after its Netflix debut, there was news of the series returning, albeit with significant changes. Variety reported in November 2020 that the show would soon return but with many significant changes. First and foremost, the production would be moving from Russia to China for a ten-episode run.

Interestingly, the series will shift from Russian to Mandarin, reflecting its new production location. Given that the AI in the series originated in China, this transition is logical narratively.

The production company informed Variety that Netflix had “no involvement in the second season,” but this doesn’t preclude the possibility of Netflix acquiring international distribution rights later. Netflix wasn’t part of Season 1’s production, serving only as an exclusive distributor.

Since that initial report in 2020 and now almost three years later, there has been scant progress on the second season. Alexander Kessel has been occupied with other endeavors, such as several new films and TV shows, but there’s no word on Better Than Us‘s future.

Moreover, Netflix’s withdrawal from financing or purchasing new shows following the Ukrainian conflict, coupled with its service cessation in the country, seems to be the final blow regarding any chances of more episodes of Better Than Us coming to Netflix.

We promise to update you with more information as we receive it, but for now, it seems that Better Than Us Season 2 might find a home outside of Netflix. Would you like to see Better Than Us Season 2 on Netflix? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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