When will Season 3 of iZombie be on Netflix?

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iZombie is back on The CW a bit later than normal for season 3 so therefore you’d think it’s a lot harder to know when season 3 of iZombie will be on Netflix but you’d be wrong. A new deal struck last year means that iZombie will be coming to Netflix a lot faster than normal. Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re new to the show and are thinking that it’s just another generic zombie show, you couldn’t be more wrong. The series follows Olivia Moore who is known for her academic prowess but after attending a boat party and becoming a zombie. She now has to hide away and finds a job working in the morgue where she discovers she has a new found ability that allows her to track down criminals. It’s a refreshing show that’s funny, smart and very addictive, much like brains.

Liv in season 3 will have to face new challenges with friends seemingly disappearing by the moment. The format of the show is also changing too after their current operation came under fire last season. That, in part, is why the third season may have been delayed slightly to account for the change of pace.

As we mentioned above, every season of iZombie has released at different times on The CW which makes keeping up with the show remarkably difficult especially if you’re not paying attention. The schedule has been thus far: season 1 starting in March 2015, season 2 starting in October 2015 and season 3 is scheduled to start up on April 4th, 2017.

Normally that’d make it especially hard at predicting the Netflix release date but to be fair, most CW shows used to get their updates on Netflix each October. This year however, iZombie will fall under the brand new contract struck up between the streaming provider and The CW midway through 2016.

In the deal, it states that Netflix will be getting every new season of The CW’s library but not only that, a week or so after its finale airs. Season 3 is confirmed to have 13 episodes which will mean the show is due to end at the end of June 2017. With the new release window, that means that it’ll be on Netflix in July 2017.

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