When Will Season 3 of Supergirl be on Netflix?

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As with other big shows from CW, Supergirl season 3 will be coming to Netflix next year. The series will join the current two seasons which are currently streaming on Netflix. We have all the details below including our best guess at the exact Netflix release date, plus we’ll look at other regions too. 

Supergirl arrived on Netflix just before season 2 began to air and has been its home ever since. The title stars Melissa Benoist who plays the role of Supergirl. The show was initially aired on CBS but it was decided that they’d move it to The CW for the second season to sit alongside its other licenses, Arrow, The Flash and Legend of Tomorrow.

In season 3, Kara is facing renewed difficulties trying to maintain her normal life as she begins to prioritize her vigilantism. She pushed away her boyfriend Alex and also quit her job at Catco too.

Let’s now take a look at when Supergirl season 3 will be coming to Netflix.

Netflix US Release Date Supergirl Season 3

As we’ve mentioned when we looked at when season 4 of The Flash is coming to Netflix, Netflix and The CW struck a new contract last year where all their shows get added to Netflix much sooner than usual. Whereas before we had to wait until October of each year to get a new season, we now only have to wait a week after the season finale airs.

Although we’re waiting on the official finale air date, we suspect it’ll once again come towards the end of May. That means you can expect to stream Supergirl season 3 on Netflix in late May 2018 or early June 2018.

Netflix DVD will likely carry the boxset from August 2018 onwards.

What about Netflix UK?

Sadly, Netflix in the United Kingdom doesn’t have access to Supergirl. The show’s rights, along with all of the other CW DC licenses belong to Sky. They currently put the old seasons plus new episodes up on its streaming service, NowTV.

Netflix CA Release Date

Netflix Canada still adheres to the old deal so you can expect season 3 to arrive in October 2018.

There you have it, Supergirl season 3 will be zooming onto Netflix in no time, depending on where you live. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments.

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