When will Season 5 of The Blacklist be on Netflix?

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NBC’s biggest show is still going strong in its sixth season. The Blacklist season 5 will be coming to Netflix in 2018 but you’ll still have quite a wait even after the season finale airs on NBC sometime in May. The series has finally gotten its season 5 release date on Netflix and it’s coming in September. 

Although ratings have slipped ever so slightly in recent with the series dropping from the 6th most watched to the 30th most watched last year. The fifth season had an average of just under 10 million viewers which is still impressive considering its stiff competition in 2017. Once again, James Spader reprises his role as Red, an undercover FBI informant whose helping Elizabeth Keen capture from The Blacklist in order to have immunity.

Season 5 began airing on NBC on September 27th and much like it’s previous seasons has 22 episodes scheduled.


Season 5 Netflix Release Date

Season 5 of The Blacklist will be coming to Netflix in September 2018. The official release date is September 12th. Usually, we add a connotation stating that this date is subject to change but for the past 4 years, this has been when Netflix has been adding new seasons of The Blacklist. We’ll likely get confirmation of the series addition to Netflix sometime during August when Netflix releases the new list of titles heading the month afterwards. As we’ve discussed before, NBC uses Netflix as a promotional and catchup method of getting new and returning viewers watching the live show.

The release date above applies only to the US. Both Netflix Canada and Netflix Australia will be carrying season 5 too with Australia likely getting the new season in October 2018 and Canada slightly earlier in August/September 2018.

Will The Blacklist leave Netflix?

The Blacklist won’t be leaving Netflix anytime soon. As you may remember, Netflix paid and is continuing to pay a substantial sum of money to keep the series on Netflix. It’s referred to a legacy contract. It’s when Netflix manages to snag exclusivity of the streaming rights of a show throughout the show’s lifespan. That means, so long as The Blacklist keeps coming back with more seasons, Netflix will keep picking them up.

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