When will Season 5 of The Flash be on Netflix?

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With the finale of The Flash imminent, fans are eager to know when season 5 will be heading to Netflix. Look no further as we have full confirmation on when The Flash Season 5 arrives on Netflix US and other regions.

The Flash first aired back in 2013 and has been massively popular ever since, arguably the most popular of the current DC TV universe. Season 5 of The Flash first on The CW on October 9th, along with other DC titles such as Arrow, Black Lightning, Supergirl and DC Legends of Tomorrow.

What to expect in Season 5 of The Flash


At the end of season 4, we saw the Barry Allen and friends defeat the “The Thinker”, after having saved the city from The Thinker bringing down a meteor upon Central City, Barry was helped by a mysterious Speedster with Purple Lightning ultimately saving his life and not sacrificing his own for the sake of the innocents below.

While celebrating their victory the Mysterious stranger makes an appearance at the party to reveal that she is, in fact, Nora West-Allen the future daughter of Barry and Iris. But after saving her fathers life through time travel has resulted in a potentially grave mistake.

Season 5 will pick up where it left off for season 4 with Barry and friends helping Nora West-Allen clean up the mistakes she made for saving Barry’s life.

A Milestone for The Flash

The 100th episode of the Flash will air this season and will be the 8th episode of the run. Usually, the 8th episodes of the series are reserved for the crossover events. This year it has been pushed back for the Flash 100th episode. Instead, episode 9 will include the crossover event.

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The Flash Season 5 Netflix US Release Date

In previous years, Netflix typically added new seasons of The Flash to Netflix just before new seasons started. Since 2016, however, Netflix struck a deal with The CW which stipulates that new seasons get added roughly a week or two after the finale airs.

For season 4, that meant the last episode aired on May 17th, 2018 and arrived on Netflix on May 30th.

The finale of Season 5 will air on May 14th on The CW. Subscribers won’t have to wait for much longer than that as Season 5 will arrive on the 22nd of May!

Other Regions Netflix Release Dates

There are plenty of regions that are streaming The Flash outside of the US.

For those in the United Kingdom, the television network Sky has the exclusive rights to stream the DCU content. You’ll only find the new season streaming on Now TV and Sky Go.

Some regions receive episodes weekly, the following regions receive episodes weekly;

  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Slovakia

Other regions will have a long wait as most are still yet to receive season 4. The regions waiting for further seasons are the following

  • Argentina (Season 4)
  • Brazil (Season 4)
  • Hong Kong (Season 4)
  • Mexico (Season 4)
  • South Korea (Season 4)
  • Sweden (Season 4)
  • US (Season 4)
  • France (Season 3)
  • Hungary (Season 3)
  • Japan (Season 3)
  • Poland (Season 3)
  • Russia (Season 3)
  • Singapore (Season 3)
  • Switzerland (Season 3)
  • Thailand (Season 3)
  • Lithuania (Season 3)

Are you looking forward to watching season 5 of The Flash on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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