When will Season 5 of The Originals be on Netflix?

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The CW’s The Originals is soon wrapping up its final season and will be coming to Netflix in most major regions. So, if you’re looking for the Netflix release date of season 5, you’re in luck, we’ve got the full guide below.

In case you didn’t know that season 5 is the final season, we’re sorry to break the news. The CW has moved to other shows in recent years meaning that The Vampire Diaries and now The Originals are on the out. The Originals is a spinoff show that features the stories of a family that features within The Vampire Diaries.

Traditionally, new seasons arrived on The CW in October although that shifted to March in 2017 mainly to account for the fewer episodes. The same will happen for season 5 as it’s currently due to begin airing in the US on April 20th and wrap up in either June or July.

Netflix US Release Date

The release date for Netflix US has been announced for August 9th, 2018 and will release alongside The 100 in August 2018.

Original Estimate

Since 2016, Netflix has changed how it adds shows from The CW. Before 2016, you had to wait until October to get drops for all your favorite shows much like how ABC adds its content still. Now, Netflix adds The CW shows exclusively just 7 days after the season finale airs.

With that said, we’re thinking that at the moment The Originals season 5 will be coming to Netflix in either late June 2018 or sometime in July 2018 with the latter being the most likely.

Other Regions Release Dates

For those with Netflix in the United Kingdom should get season 5 in August 2018 which is when the previous three seasons have been added.

In Australia and New Zealand are still waiting on season 4 so it may be the case that they add season 4 and 5 onto Netflix in August but it may be the case that season 5 won’t be available until August 2019.

Netflix Canada doesn’t currently show The Originals and now that the show is on the out, we don’t envision them picking it up in that region.

So there you have, that’s when the final season of The Originals is coming to Netflix. Not to worry though, new seasons of Supernatural will continue to be released on Netflix until they end that show too.

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