When will Season 5 of Wentworth be on Netflix?

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Update: Season 5 is now available in most regions. For season 6 of Wentworth on Netflix visit our guide.

Of all the prison dramas that exist, the two best, at least in recent years, have been Netflix’s own Orange is the New Black and the Australian series, Wentworth. Both set in female prisons, fans anxiously await the new season each year. Many will be wanting to know when season 5 of Wentworth is coming to Netflix and we have the answers.

Although it shares a similar location, Wentworth and Orange is the New Black are very different in tone. Wentworth has opted for a much grittier background and setting to place its story. As a result, it’s a very different show which actually makes Litchfield look like a holiday resort.

Netflix has enjoyed yearly updates following the shows airing on its Australian network, SoHo. That network is changing in 2017 after SoHo has been shut down. The series has a new home on Showcase.

Wentworth Season 5 Netflix US Release Date

The United States picked up the series just a day after it finished its fourth season last year. If that’s set to continue that means the show could be streaming on Netflix from June 2017. That’s slightly earlier thanks to season 5 being scheduled to air in April as opposed to May like it did in 2016.

If it’s not the case we’re getting it instantly like season 4, then you can expect to it to be added within a few months of the finale. Given the network change, this could have an impact on its Netflix streaming date if any existing deals are scrapped thanks to the migration of the show.

Netflix Canada Release Date

The last season of Wentworth was added to Netflix in Canada in October 2016, it’s likely to be added in a similar timeframe so expect an October 2017 release date for Canadians.

Will Wentworth come to the United Kingdom or Australia?

Netflix UK and Australia currently doesn’t carry the show. In the UK, Channel 5 carries the show and is available on Five on Demand. In Australia, the show remains on Foxtel’s services.

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