FOX Titles Scheduled to Leave Netflix on April 1st

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If you’re watching The X-Files, House M.D, Firefly, Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer or any of the other FOX shows on Netflix, it might be time to start speeding up your binge as they’re all scheduled for removal in April 2017. 

As we reported earlier in the month, the FOX contract with Netflix comes up for renewal on April 1st and this year, Netflix has decided to pass on quite a few shows. The biggest are House, The X-Files and the first few seasons of Bones, although the last few seasons will remain.

Here’s the full list of the FOX titles currently showing on different devices that they’re leaving Netflix:

  • Angel – 5 Seasons
  • Bones – Seasons 1-4
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 7 Seasons
  • Dollhouse – All Seasons
  • Firefly – 1 Season
  • House, M.D. – 8 Seasons
  • Lie to Me – All Seasons
  • The Riches – 2 Seasons
  • The X-Files – 9 Seasons

Last updated (03/23/2017)

Other big titles from Fox such as Bob’s Burgers, American Dad!, Glee and New Girl aren’t currently showing up as being removed but may be grouped with those above if Fox does end up pulling their titles. We’ve got a page dedicated to the complete list of all the FOX series on Netflix, which we’ll update once April 1st rolls around.

(03/21/2017) Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel are definitely leaving

Confirmed via Twitter, Netflix has confirmed that Buffy is definitely going to be leaving Netflix.

This is obviously disappointing to many but most of the big Fox shows will still remain and as Netflix pointed out, a lot of these shows have been available for the past five years.

As for where the shows will end up, it’s likely they’ll all end up on Hulu who is part-owned by Fox.

If you’ve spotted any other FOX series scheduled to expire, please comment below and we’ll update this list accordingly.

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