When will Season 7 of Father Brown be on Netflix?

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Safe to say BBC titles have become some of the most watched shows on Netflix in recent years. One such title that has tickled fans is the popular Father Brown, with 6 already excellent seasons on Netflix many will be wondering when the 7th will be coming. Well let’s find out, shall we?

Father Brown is a British-Comedy detective series based on the short stories from author G.K Chesterton. The series has become immensely popular since the first season aired back in 2013 and has entertained audiences on both sides of the pond. Many eagle-eyed fans of Harry Potter will recognize actor Mark Williams that plays Father Brown as Arthur Weasley but this show he isn’t concerned with the functions of rubber ducks.

In the 1950s the UK is recovering from the devasting effects of WW2. But in the village of Kembleford in the Cotswold, the local priest is the town’s best detective and solves the biggest crimes. Alongside his duties to the parish, Father Brown loves to solve crimes and help the people of Kembleford. Using his sharp wit and intellect Father Brown stops at nothing to ensure that justice is served.

When will Father Brown season 7 be coming to Netflix US?

We are speculating that the latest season of Father Brown will arrive on Netflix this coming April. Season 6 arrived in April 2018 so we are fully expecting the next season to follow suit.

What about other regions?

The United Kingdom is yet to receive any seasons of Father Brown and we are unsure if the series will be coming to Netflix UK. For Canadian subscribers, they can expect to receive the 7th season around the same time as the US.

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