When will ‘Supergirl’ Season 6 be on Netflix?

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supergirl season 6 netflix release schedule

Supergirl – Picture: The CW

Supergirl is among the entire DC slate from The CW that will be missing its October slot for season 6. That will mean that most Netflix regions will be seeing the new season much later than normal. Here’s the complete release schedule for Supergirl season 6 on Netflix as of August 2021. 

As you probably know, Supergirl is one of many shows from The CW on Netflix in the so-called DC Arrowverse. The show originally started on CBS before moving over to The CW from season two onwards.

According to Unogs, Supergirl seasons 1 through 5 are streaming in 24 Netflix regions in total.

When will Supergirl season 6 be on The CW?

As we stated above, Supergirl did not air in its usual October 2020 slot because of reasons you should all be acutely aware of.

The series eventually got underway on The CW from March 30th, 2021. 20 episodes were released in total.

When will Supergirl season six be on Netflix in the US?

In the United States, new episodes arrive roughly a week after its US finale air date. That means we saw the entire fifth season drop on May 25th after the finale aired on The CW on May 17th, 2020.

That will be the case again for season six but given the much later air date (possibly 3-6 months) we originally expected it to arrive sometime between August and December 2021.

Although we don’t have an exact time schedule for all 20 episodes it looks like the show’s sixth season should wrap up in November 2021. We’ll then see the episodes drop soon after.

This applies to all the DC series such as The Flash season seven as well.

Supergirl season six Netflix original release schedule

In those regions we mentioned above that aren’t the US. Supergirl is considered a Netflix Original and gets weekly episode drops instead. Last year, for instance, episodes would air on Sundays before coming to Netflix the following Tuesday.

This will happen again so we’ll update this post with a release calendar table as and when we learn of when episodes will actually begin airing.

Will Supergirl be leaving Netflix?

If you’re wondering if Supergirl is leaving Netflix anytime soon, you have nothing to fear, at least for a while.

Supergirl remains on Netflix as part of the large output deal Netflix had with The CW up until 2019. Any shows produced before this date that continues to get new seasons will come to Netflix.

However, once Supergirl wraps and adds its final season to Netflix, that then starts the clock for when it leaves Netflix (expected to be four years after). That’s why we’re currently expecting all of Arrow to depart Netflix in 2024 for instance.

Are you looking forward to more Supergirl on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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