Who Will Die in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5? Our Top Predictions

We asked the experts and have got some betting odds plus we give our thoughts.

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Who Will Die In Stranger Things Season 6 Netflix

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The final season of Stranger Things is currently in production and will be debuting in 2025. The fifth season’s stakes are massive, and some deaths have already been promised, but who’s the most likely to be killed off? Let’s dive in. 

There have been some big deaths in Stranger Things over the years. Season 2 saw the untimely death of Bob Newby (played by Sean Astin), season 3 saw Billy (Dacre Montgomery) sacrificing himself to save Max and the others, and most recently, season 4 saw two massive deaths, including Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) dying alongside Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

We put out a call on our social pages and got a mix of answers. Monette Moradi told us she thinks Steve is at risk for several reasons. “The emotional impact for Dustin” was the first reason, with others being that he “was supposed to die in the first season but reversed course. I can see this being his Han Solo moment in a way.”

Another good prediction came from Dylan Brown, who said:

“Steve in the first two episodes to show the stakes (big hero moment)

Eleven or Will in the final episode but not sure which.”

We also got a lot of predictions for Vecna, Will, and Eleven.

Now, let’s see what we think. Beyond Vecna, who both Jacob and I suspect will die this season, in addition to Stranger Things Spoilers (who we interviewed last week). Stranger Things Spoilers also told us they think Eleven could die “since someone definitely has to close this gate,” adding, “I also think there will be some unexpected deaths, such as Joyce or Dustin.”

Kasey’s Prediction – Joyce Byers

Joyce To Die In Season 5 Of Stranger Things

Picture: Netflix

I’m partial to the theory from Dylan above, who predicts that there’ll be a big death early on and Joyce Byers could be that person. We know Joyce dives headfirst into problems to protect her kids and has come close to running out of luck several times. I hope I’m wrong, but it would be a big emotional start for the final season.

As for most likely to survive – I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that Will is most likely to see it through. He’s been quietly touted as being one of the major parts in the final season and we suspect it’ll play a pivotal role by the time the credits on the final episode roll.

Jacob’s Prediction – Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington Most Likely To Die

Picture: Netflix

The world’s best babysitter, Steve Harrington, has had his ass kicked more times than anyone in the show, but that has never stopped him from putting himself in danger if it meant protecting others. As one of the bravest characters in the series, there are multiple people he would risk his own life to save, i.e., Dustin, Robin, and Nancy. Steve deserves his happy ending, hopefully with Nancy. However, tragedy has a twisted sense of humor, and if anyone is more perfectly suited for the “heroic sacrifice,” you can’t look further than King Steve himself.

As for who’s most likely to survive – Hopper. He’s already had a super close near-death experience with the Russian machine under Starcourt. Not to mention, it would be terribly tragic for Eleven to lose her dad for the second time.

Betting Odds for Stranger Things Season 6 Deaths

Courtesy of Finixio/Business2Community, which has an internal betting odds team, we’ve received the following betting fractional odds for the upcoming season.

Let’s use Eleven as an example if you’re unfamiliar with how these work. With 4/6 odds, for every $6 you bet, you’ll make a $4 profit if Eleven wins. So, if you bet $10, you’re essentially betting $10 to win $6.67 in profit, giving you a total return of $16.67. That means they predict Eleven

  • Eleven – 4/6
  • Max – 2/1
  • Steve – 7/4
  • Will – 8/11
  • Nancy – 7/2
  • Mike – 3/1
  • Hopper – 10/11
  • Dustin – 5/2
  • Jonathan – 3/1
  • Joyce – 5/1
  • Lucas – 3/1
  • Robin – 7/1

These odds suggest that Eleven is the most likely to be killed off in season 5, while Robin is the least likely to kick the bucket.

We also approached other outlets to get some odds for the final season, but many traders could not provide any.

Now it’s over to you – who do you think will die in the sixth and final season of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments down below.

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