Why Titus From Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Needs His Own Spinoff Show

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Titus Andromedon may not be everyone’s cup of tea but many see him as a fabulous, unique and creative character. Although Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt mainly focuses on Kimmy, we strongly believe that Titus deserves his own show where his story can be told in a new light. He is an actor, singer and waiter but he has so many other aspirations and talents waiting to flourish. Tituss Burgess has won two awards for his appearance as Titus in the show, which includes the Gold Derby TV Award and the Webby Award. We’re going to discuss why we think that Titus should have his own spinoff show.

For those of you who don’t know much about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – it’s a show about a woman who is finally unleashed into New York after being kept in a bunker for many long and painful years. So, where does Titus come into all of this? Well, Titus is Kimmy’s housemate, best friend and life advisor. They are two weird and wonderful people together and they keep each other grounded.

Here are our reasons why Titus should have his own spinoff show:

There’s a bit of Titus in us all

Titus’ version of a good time is a pizza party for one – with several pizzas… Who wouldn’t want that? Not to mention his attitude to fitness, a few baby steps is enough exercise for one day. Or even his attitude to life itself, when things go wrong all you have to do is become a bed. If Titus had his own spinoff show, we’d see many more of his spectacular quotes and advice. We’re all Titus in one way or another. We all try to be our better selves and he is an accurate representation of us in different moods. Don’t give up because the moment you do, you let life win. If life gets you down, sing a song about it and let your hair down.

It’s all about the outfits

Let’s be honest here, nobody dresses as sassy, glamorous and colourful as Titus Andromedon. What he wears reflects how he is feeling, so it’s easy to tell when Titus is feeling confident and ready to show the world his true colours. Many of us worry about ‘fitting in’ and being on trend but Titus shows us that we should be who we want to be, even if we can be seen 100 miles away in incredibly bright clothing. Being ourselves is what is most important and our outfits are what people see first, so why not show who you really are? Never be afraid to be you.

He was born a star

Titus went through many years having to keep his sexuality quiet so it’s no wonder that now he expresses himself in every way possible. He may be somewhat cheesy but his ability to sing, act and hyperbolise everything is what makes him so unique. Some of his most catchy songs, including Peeno Noir, Lemonade Song and the slightly unconventional Boobs in California (which is completely not his style) are just some of his unforgettable performances. Clearly, he was born ready to be a star – so why deny him the opportunity to have his big moment?

It’s about time…

If you think about it, Titus has been given many storylines throughout Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. So much so that we now care about Titus just as much as we do Kimmy. Season two saw Titus and Mikey get closer and their relationship blossomed – it’s fair to say that it was a tough moment when they broke up. Ever since that day, Titus has been dreaming of his life taking flight and everything falling into place. We’re all behind him. We know who Titus is now and we know the things from his past, but wouldn’t it be nice to see more of that? Titus + his own spinoff show = even more glitter, bigger shows and more songs.

They are just a few reasons why we believe that Titus should have his own spinoff show and perhaps one day it will happen. If you have any other ideas about why Titus deserves to take the stage, let us know!

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