Why was ‘Everything Sucks’ Canceled at Netflix?

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Everything Sucks Cancelled Fan Outcry

Netflix has canceled Everything Sucks, the brand-new 90’s drama that was released last month, and fans are expressing their dissatisfaction. Through social media, petition sites, and Netflix’s official channels, audiences are voicing their anger about the cancellation. We’ll explore the reasons behind the show’s cancellation and the ensuing reactions.

Update (07/29/2018):  TCA18 has brought forward some significant announcements, but notably, it has shed light on the status of Everything Sucks. The show was canceled earlier in 2018 amidst a considerable fan backlash. Netflix has extended its condolences and explained the cancellation, indicating that the show is unlikely to return.

The show was granted only one season and was canceled recently. It joins a lengthy and expanding list of Netflix Originals that haven’t made it past their initial season. This pattern arises because Netflix experiments with a diverse range of shows, and if a show doesn’t meet specific expectations in terms of viewership or ratings, it is likely to be discontinued. This approach has been observed with other series such as Disjointed, Gypsy, and notably, Sense8.

Without access to Netflix’s viewership data, it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact reasons for a show’s cancellation, but these factors generally influence such decisions. Netflix tends to assess a show’s performance roughly a month after its debut to determine whether investing in another season would yield a satisfactory return.

The storyline of Everything Sucks received criticism for being slow and unengaging, despite its setting in a town ironically named Boring. The show’s character development was also viewed as lacking, with the notable exception of Kate, whose journey of self-discovery and sexuality was well-received.

Did ‘On My Block’ Cause Everything Sucks cancellation?

Everything Sucks and On My Block share similar themes, target audiences, and show types. It’s speculated that Netflix released them closely together to determine which would be more successful, potentially continuing with only one. While this theory cannot be confirmed, it’s supported by analytics indicating On My Block‘s superior performance.

Everything Sucks also faced competition from other high school dramas on Netflix, such as Greenhouse Academy, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, and American Vandal, making it a challenging genre to stand out in.

How to save Everything Sucks

While the title may seem hyperbolic, the success of Sense8‘s revival campaign shows that Netflix listens to its audience.

Fans have taken to Twitter using #SaveEverythingSucks and #RenewEverythingSucks to voice their discontent. Although not trending, there’s a steady flow of global support for the show.

Several petitions on Change.org urge Netflix to renew Everything Sucks for a second season.

Fans can also suggest titles through Netflix’s title suggestion feature, providing another avenue to campaign for the show’s return.

Do you wish for a second season of Everything Sucks? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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