Why was Everything Sucks Canceled? Updated


Netflix has canceled Everything Sucks, the brand new 90’s drama that released last month and fans are not happy about it. Taking to social media, petition sites and through Netflix’s official channels, audiences are expressing their anger about the cancellation. We’ll be looking at why the show was canceled plus what the reaction has been too. 

Update (07/29/2018):  Some big announcements have come out of TCA18 so far but one of the big snippets of news is regarding the status of Everything Sucks. The show was cancelled earlier in 2018 and has faced huge fan backlash. Netflix has offered its condolences and has explained its cancellation. It also suggests that the show is dead and buried at this point.

To recap, the show only managed to get one season and was canceled just yesterday. It joins a long and growing list of Netflix Originals that fail to make it past their first season. The reason for this is because Netflix likes to experiment with a lot of different shows and if a show doesn’t meet certain expectations regarding viewing figures or ratings, then it’ll get the axe. We’ve seen it recently with Disjointed, Gypsy and the most famous example of this is Sense8.


Because Netflix doesn’t release viewing statistics, except really bizarre statistics we can’t tell whether that’s the reason why it was canceled but it usually is the case. Most Netflix Originals are renewed around a month after it first releases. The goal of this is to garner what sort of reaction the show got and then make a judgment whether they’d get a good return on investment in another season.

Among the criticised parts of the show was the story in general. It was criticised for being slow and boring (which is ironic given they lived in a town called Boring). Poor character development was also cited with the exception of Kate. Kate’s story of coming out and understanding her sexuality is among the few items praised in the show.

Did ‘On My Block’ Cause Everything Sucks cancellation?

Both Everything Sucks and On My Block feature similar premises, target audiences, and type of shows. Could it be the case that Netflix lined up their releases so close together to see which would be the bigger show and move forward with only one? That’s obviously something we can’t prove but could make a likely scenario. We know from our statistics that On My Block was the bigger show out of the two thanks to our analytics.

It’s not just On My Block it had to compete with. Netflix has been releasing a lot of high school dramas recently. Whether it’s Greenhouse Academy, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things or American Vandal, it’s quite a crowded genre on Netflix.

How to save Everything Sucks

We may be exaggerating with the title a bit but if Sense8 proved anything is that Netflix does listen to the fans.

We’ve been monitoring fans outrage on Twitter who have been using the hashtags #SaveEverythingSucks and #RenewEverythingSucks and although it’s not trending, there’s a consistent stream of fans from around the world expressing their displeasure.

Multiple petitions have been started on sites like Change.org imploring Netflix to pick up Everything Sucks for a second season.

Netflix also takes title suggestions through their help outlet which is where fans can suggest shows.

Do you want season 2 of Everything Sucks? Let us know in the comments.

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