Will HBO’s ‘Lovecraft Country’ be on Netflix?

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Lovecraft Country is dominating the airwaves and social media right now in becoming the hottest series of August 2020. Will the new HBO drama be heading to Netflix in the future? Unfortunately, the answer is categorically not.

The series comes from Bad Robot who recently struck a deal whereby it produces new content exclusively for HBO and HBO’s new HBO Max platforms.

HBO’s Lovecraft Country is a blend of fantasy and horror where we follow an man who travels cross-country in the United States to find his father but ends up finding something less favorable.

Thus far, the series has scored favorable reviews with it currently sitting at 96% on RottenTomatoes at the time of publishing.

Where is Lovecraft Country streaming in the United States?

HBO shows never come to Netflix in the US. They never have and they’re even less likely too now. This has applied to titles like Game of Thrones and Westworld which have never seen any kind of release on Netflix.

HBO’s parent company AT&T has begun its brand new streaming service, HBO Max, where it intends to showcase HBO content going forward. Lovecraft Country is getting new episodes added to HBO and HBO Max weekly and that is where the series will reside permanently henceforth.

The only chance you’ll get to watch Lovecraft Country within the world of Netflix is if the series gets a physical DVD release which will be available on Netflix’s DVD service.

Will Lovecraft Country be on Netflix outside the United States?

Same story here too. Despite HBO not operating in most regions outside the US, it’s never sold any of its library to Netflix either.

Instead, you’ll have to look to local partners for HBO such as in the United Kingdom, NowTV and Sky carries all HBO content. In Canada, that’s with Crave and in Australia, that’s with Foxtel.

Similar TV Series on Netflix to Lovecraft Country

Although Netflix does have Lovecraft Country in its database, we’ve found some of the recommended suggestions a little odd so we’ve come up with some of our own.

Here are a few of the series and movies we recommend:

  • Hemlock Grove – an underrated horror that features plenty of monsters
  • Black Mirror – specifically Black Museum given some of the themes explored.
  • Cloverfield: Paradox – Bad Robot produced it
  • Cursed – a brand new fantasy series on Netflix that most seem to have missed thus far.

The Cinemaholic also has some additional recommendations although the majority are not on Netflix. Their top spot, however, is on Netflix with the limited series Dracula highlighted.

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