Will AMC’s ‘Humans’ come to Netflix?

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A recent binge watch of mine has been the fantastic collaboration first season of the brand new sci-fi series called Humans. The collaboration takes place between American television network AMC and United Kingdom broadcaster, Channel 4. The team produced a visually stunning reboot of the Swedish version.

It’s a sci-fi show looking into synthetics and artificial intelligence and the fine border between what’s alive and what’s inanimate. The predominantly British cast along with the traditional American length of seasons combines for an excellent combination with an enthralling television series spanning 8 episodes.

A second season is on the cards but as of right now, nothing is confirmed.

So the question is whether or not you can or will be finding Humans coming onto Netflix in the immediate or near future.

In the United States, you won’t be able to find Humans streaming on the service and that’s likely to be the case for many years to come. Late last year, a deal was announced between AMC and Amazon Prime which would exclusively bring their titles to the streaming service for all new titles and Humans falls into this category.

For those in the United Kingdom it’s more likely that you’ll have it streaming here but given a second season is not on the horizon any kind of promotional alignment isn’t there. There is good news however, is that you can watch it on the free online service called All 4 where you can watch but expect plenty of ads.

As for other regions around the world we do expect some to get it but as of right now is not available.

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