Will More Seasons of ‘Evil’ (Seasons 3-4) Come to Netflix?

The third season seems locked away from Netflix at the moment with the new seasons exclusive to Paramount+.

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Will Seasons 3 4 Of Evil Come To Netflix

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Evil triumphantly returned to Netflix in the United States earlier this year, but newer seasons are currently locked to other streamers. Below, we’ll look at the chances of new seasons coming to Netflix, how long Netflix currently has the license, and where to watch the new seasons instead of Netflix. 

As we first reported, Netflix re-added Evil season 1 and got season 2 for the first time in late April 2024. This only took place in the United States. Netflix had previously streamed season 1 in October 2020 for a single year to drum up interest in the then-CBS series, which would later move to Paramount+.

Since its re-addition to Netflix, the series has featured in the TV top 10s every day, and it remains in the top 10s as of this article’s publication.

Evil Multiple Seasons Coming To Netflix

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There’s no news about whether seasons 3 and 4 of the show (the latter of which is midway through its final fourth season run on Paramount+) will be coming to Netflix, and we typically wouldn’t get confirmation until a notice pops up within the app. We suspect that Netflix will get new seasons much further down the line, but not potentially until much later this year or next.

Interestingly, Netflix, in a TUDUM article on their competing blog to ours, covered the second season-ending of Evil but didn’t imply or seem to acknowledge a third season even exists. They provided no news about whether the newer seasons would be coming to Netflix.

If Netflix doesn’t license any new season, we understand that Netflix has licensed the first two seasons for at least a year and a half, with the current removal date planned for December 31st, 2025 (subject to change).

Where to Stream Seasons 3-4 of Evil While Netflix Doesn’t Stream Newer Seasons

Interestingly, you currently have a couple of options for where to stream newer seasons of the show.

The best option is Paramount+, which has access to all three of the first seasons and will be the streaming home for seasons 4 and 5 throughout the remainder of 2024.

Prime Video is your second option, at least for just season 3. While the first two seasons are streaming as part of a Prime membership, the third season is. It could be the availability of Evil on Prime that causes Netflix not to have access to it currently. That would be similar to Suits in the United States, where the ninth season is locked to Prime Video.

Do you want to see newer seasons of Evil coming to Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below, and keep this article bookmarked, as we’ll update it the second we know more!

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