Will the Reboot of ‘Roseanne’ be on Netflix?

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ABC’s reboot of Roseanne is back on the air after an almost decade-long hiatus. It’s changed a little but seems to have been a smash hit for ABC. Will season 10 or as more commonly known, the rebooted season be coming to Netflix?

Not familiar with the show? Roseanne season 10 is a reboot of the old sitcom starring Roseanne Barr and John Goodman. It takes a look at life in a working-class family who are struggling to deal with the basics in life such as marriage, children, money and parents in law. Much like most other networks, including Netflix, ABC opted to bring back Rosanne and make it particularly relevant in a post-Trump era.

When will Season 10 of Roseanne be on Netflix?

In the United States and indeed other Netflix regions it looks as though Roseanne won’t be coming to Netflix. We explain why the show isn’t coming to Netflix below but let’s first take a look at where it will be streaming.

For those who have cut the cord and need a streaming home of Roseanne, Hulu is the only place currently carrying the latest season of the show. You’ll have to wait for a day or two before new seasons are added though.


Is Season 1 to season 9 of Roseanne on Netflix?

Much like season 10’s fate, Netflix doesn’t currently or plans to carry any of the older seasons of Roseanne either. That’s ultimately a shame as there are over 240 episodes of the show which would make a fantastic addition.

Sadly all nine seasons are exclusive to another provider in the United States and like most other ABC shows they’re often excluded from Netflix because of the parent companies ties to other providers. That’s not to say that there’s no content from ABC on Netflix but Roseanne is not currently included.

Although Hulu is carrying the latest season, Amazon Prime currently is the only provider instant streaming access with a subscription. That includes all 9 episodes. If it is to leave Amazon at any point, it’s likely that it’ll wind up on Hulu rather than Netflix.

Similar to Roseanne on Netflix

We feel slightly bad for those with Netflix subscriptions looking for Roseanne streaming so instead we’ve picked out a few alternatives for you to enjoy instead.

The Ranch is the closest Netflix Original with the shows sharing similar subject matter with a working-class family working on a ranch. Netflix also recommends Fuller House and That 70’s Show as viable alternatives to the show.

Are you sad Netflix won’t be adding Roseanne to streaming? Let us know down below.

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