The Joel McHale Show: Episode 6 Recap

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Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant join Joel this week on The Joel McHale Show on Netflix.

The Ignored Handshake

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

We begin this week with American Idol, the show that just won’t die. From belching at contestants to falling out of chairs, those judges are worth every penny.


The gang from Santa Claria Diet stops by with some notes on Joel’s performance. They suggest co-hosting the show with him to tone down his less appealing personality traits. Drew will be her usual sweet self and Timothy does punchlines based on his previous film and television roles in a super sexy voice. We are ALL fine with that, Timothy.

Is Drew Barrymore not the cutest?

First up, they tackle Naked and Afraid.

Your face says what we’re all thinking, Drew.

Because we all want to know about bugs on this guy’s junk.

Dude, don’t you watch tv? You’re supposed to put mud all over you.

Over on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna’s mom, Lois, talks about the upside of having a stroke.

Whatever works.

On Little Big Shots hosted by Steve Harvey, kids come on to display their “talents.”

You may be asking yourself “Is that kid just…blowing bubbles?” Yes. Yes, he is. And he is VERY excited about it.

Things are getting serious this week over on Vanderpump Rules. Jax is considering taking a job in another state and his brotatoes are super upset.

Yes, Tom. If someone is hundreds of miles away from you it means they aren’t right next to you.

Other Tom is not happy about this development.

Treasured memories.

Look, everyone! It’s the return of Pizza Ghost! All this talk of throwing pizza at someone while banging girls has brought back Pizza Ghost! It’s a crime to waste pizza like that, Tom. Pizza Ghost is gonna get you.

He’s coming for you, Other Tom.

When you’re a new business, it’s important to make a great first impression. Your commercial should convey how serious you are about the customer. I’m sure that’s why loaded up this little beauty:

If anyone knows about lawyers it’s this lady.

And now it’s time for Joel’s International Corner! This week we take a look at the gripping drama Mujeres Infieles 4, a saga about a family that reveals WAY too much to each other. Mom is accusing the children of running up the internet bill when Dad comes clean. Too clean. Yuck.

DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. What did you talk about over breakfast with your parents?

Hey, look everyone! Adam DeVine stopped by the show! He and Joel have to have a family meeting about some charges on the credit card. And, hey! Paul Feig stopped by, too!

It was YOU, wasn’t it, Paul?

Gourmet Holiday is a QVC show for those who like to shop for holiday meals year round. We’ve had a lot of fun with QVC lately. Let’s see what those crazy crap pushers are up to today…

Everyone is eating yummy chocolates. What could possibly go wrong?

Mmmm. “Deep and fudgy.”

Switching channels, over on Made in Chelsea the gang is going full throttle at proving snobby, British stereotypes. I really wish I could write sarcastically with a British accent. That’s totally what you need right now.

Cheerio and all that flubbish.

Over on the Price is Right, things get really awkward when Drew refuses to shake a man’s hand and he just keeps standing there. And standing there. And standing there.

Take a hint, man. You’re rich now. You can buy new friends. Move on.

Taking a look at can’t miss Kickstarter ideas, remember fidget spinners? Well, get ready for the even better and newer sensation Fidget Hoop! Nothing could possibly go wrong here! Except, yeah.

Nothing gross about this.

This is a real commercial, people!

Now, this next product is something I can stand behind. Drunk in the spirit. Drunk on the word. Shut up and take my money, Kickstarter.

Just Tattoo of Us is a show on MTV UK where friends design each other’s tattoos and only find out what’s on their body after the deed is done. That sounds like a great life choice, right? On this episode, there is quite a build-up to the reveal…but it is all worthwhile. What would your best friend have tattooed on you?

And that’s the show, everyone! See you here same time, same place for more shenanigans next week!

I had to include this shot. Meow, Timothy Olyphant! Watch Santa Clarita Diet Season 2. It’s fantastic.

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