Will Tom Hardy’s ‘Capone / Fonzo’ be on Netflix?

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Capone is one of the many movies to have skipped theatrical release and is another biopic featuring Tom Hardy in the lead. Will Capone (or Fonzo as it’s known internationally) be coming to Netflix? Let’s take a look.

Exploring the life of Al Capone, the movie takes you through his life when he was sent to prison to the time afterwards when he was still being monitored by authorities and suffering from neurosyphilis.

The movie comes from Josh Trank who is known for his hit Chronicle and the 2015 bomb that was Fantastic Four. Tom Hardy is an incredible actor known for his myriad of roles, however, one that’s similar to that of Capone is Legend where he appeared as the Kray brothers.

Reviews for the movie are relatively mixed, with Variety comparing the movie to the latter parts of Netflix’s The Irishman.

The movie was originally due for a theatrical release but as with all movies, they’ve been postponed due to COVID-19. The movie followed a few other examples of releasing as a premium video-on-demand title. According to one source, the movie broke records for Vertical Entertainment and made $2.5M in the first weekend.

When will Capone be on Netflix US?

Although we don’t have official confirmation, we are expecting Capone to hit Netflix in the United States.

That’s because most of Vertical Entertainment’s theatrical releases have appeared on Netflix months after their debuts. That was the case with Code 8 which arrived on Netflix (and rocketed to number 1 on Netflix) as well as Miss Virginia and Polaroid.

All the aforementioned movies arrived on Netflix five months after their initial release. If that’s the case for Capone, it should be on Netflix by October 2020.

We’ll, of course, keep this updated in case anything changes.

What about other regions?

That’s less clear. Netflix Canada has also gotten new releases from Vertical Entertainment in a similar fashion. Netflix UK and Australia did get Can You Keep A Secret so could also get the movie.

Code 8 saw a near-global Netflix release and is the latest Vertical Entertainment title to hit Netflix so it could suggest Netflix has a global output deal but there’s nothing official.

This could all be incorrect and we’ll keep it up-to-date as and when we learn more.

Do you want to see Capone on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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