Will ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Be Back on Netflix for Season 2?

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Cast of 2020 Netflix Original, Too Hot To Handle

Are you hooked on Netflix’s newest reality series, Too Hot To Handle? If you’ve already bing-watched your way through all eight episodes (and the reunion special), here’s what we know about the prospect of season 2. And if you haven’t, we suggest you get started… 

What is Too Hot To Handle? 

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what you need to know. We’ll keep it spoiler-free, don’t worry!

Too Hot To Handle is an Original reality-TV series that landed on Netflix last Friday. It’s currently the most popular series on Netflix US, Australia, and the UK.

Ten horny singletons find themselves on a luxurious beach-side resort, ready for three weeks of cocktails and flirty fun… or so they think.

In reality, these naughty one-night-stand-ers are forced to give up all sexual activity to teach them to form more meaningful connections. That means no kissing, no sex, and no ‘alone time’ (wink wink). As well as the chance to find true love, there’s also $100,000 prize money up for grabs. With cameras everywhere, any rule breach costs money from the prize fund.

Will they keep their hands to themselves?

…Don’t count in it.

Will there be a second season of Too Hot To Handle?

We’re glad you asked.

As yet, Netflix has said nothing about a second season of Too Hot to Handle. However, that could change.

One of the show’s producers, Louise Peet, did offer this little teaser to People magazine, though:

“We have to wait and see [about a reunion]. I have some ideas [for season 2], but I am keeping them top secret for now!”

Some fans have pointed out that the show’s format wouldn’t work as well for a second series, as contestants would know what they were getting into. That remains to be seen; as soon as we hear anything else, we’ll let you know.

What we do know is that the show is getting plenty of attention given there’s a reunion episode that aired on Friday May 8th, 2020.

From what we’ve seen, this looks like it’ll be similar to the Tiger King followup, with all the cast members dialing in separately. Obviously we’d prefer a proper reunion, but for now, this will have to do. We think there’ll still be plenty of drama…

How popular is Too Hot To Handle? 

Too Hot To Handle is already incredibly popular. All eight episodes were launched just a week ago, and the show is already the most popular series on Netflix right now.

In the most recent Netflix earnings call, Ted Sarandos (the content chief at Netflix) stated that Too Hot To Handle has already received double the viewership of Love is Blind. For context, Love is Blind has received 30 million views so far.

Should I watch Too Hot To Handle?

Despite the impressive viewing figures, this show is receiving a lot of hate online. We don’t want to feed the trolls, but there are plenty of people out there calling this the “dumbest show on Netflix” (just check out the comments on the official trailer).

Personally, we think Too Hot To Handle got really lucky with its launch timing. Most of us are on home lockdown in our sweatpants; we’re not allowed to party or go on dates. What better time to live vicariously through some wild and beautiful people on our screens?!

If you like shows like Love Is Blind, The Batchelor, Catfish, or Temptation Island, you will love Too Hot To Handle. 

Has Too Hot To Handle got you feeling frisky? Or secretly scandalised? Let us know in the comments!

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