Dreamworks Animation Movies Coming to Netflix Over Next Three Years

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Netflix has double dipped in a sense with its crop of animation movies coming in the next few years. As with the new contract with Disney, Dreamworks Animation Studios will be bringing their latest movies, alongside several new Netflix Originals to the streaming service over the next few years. The expansion and extended duration was outlined early in January where we covered two of the newly announced originals. But alongside this announcement is a continuation of the deal that will bring their theatrical releases to the service usually just weeks after it goes on sale on DVD.

So assuming the deal spans three years as it has the last three years, we’re going to be looking at the currently known Dreamworks releases below and give you a preview of what movies you can expect to be coming to Netflix over the next few years.

Please Note : This article assumes the deal is the same as the previous three years and naturally is subject.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Theatrical Release : January 29th 2016


It turns out Kung Fu Panda is just around the corner and will be the first to hit Netflix as an expansion of the new deal. Jack Black returns to his iconic role of the overweight panda performing his Kung Fu skills in the ‘Legendary adventures of awesomeness’. Joining Jack Black in Kung Fu Panda 3 this year is Bryan Cranston who plays Po’s father who team up together to fight a supernatural force and grow stronger when they’re together.


Theatrical Release : November 4th 2016


The second movie of 2016 that Dreamworks is bringing out is a movie based on the famous Troll dolls that were at their height of popularity in the 90’s. It’s due to be a musical comedy with an impressive bill of actors on board. Anna Kendrick from Twilight is on board along with Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, James Corden, Russell Brand and Icona Pop. It’s impressive cast and great IP that should all equate for a home run for Dreamworks.

Boss Baby

Theatrical Release : March 10th 2017


Opening up 2017 is Boss Baby that’s all about a suit-wearing briefcase-carrying baby and get this, he then pairs up his brother to go up against a raging CEO. It’s loosely based on a picture book and already has top talent lined up to play the roles. House of Cards Kevin Spacey along with 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin are already signed up for the project.

The Croods 2

Theatrical Release : December 22nd 2017


Another sequel now with the The Croods. This will make an excellent addition to Netflix along with the first Croods and a 2D Netflix Original children’s series. Set in the caveman era it’s about a family who lost their cave and have to traverse the dangerous landscape to find a new home. Nicholas Cage is the big pull here along with Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds.


Theatrical Release : February 16th 2018


As we move into 2018 the information about these movies become a little more harder to find out and harder to put a pin into their release dates. The first in 2018 is a new movie with Tim Minchin, the comedian, as the frontman in this movie. Set in the Australian outback one guy decides to move away from his sheltered life.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Theatrical Release : June 29th 2018


How to Train Your Dragon, for me at least, was the first movie I had to question whether I was watching a Pixar movie or a Dreamworks Animation and that’s a massive compliment. The franchise already has two great movies under its belt and a Netflix Original series so it’s safe to say it’s found a home on Netflix.

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