What’s Coming to Netflix UK in October 2021

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coming to netflix uk october 2021

It’s time to take a gander at what’s coming up next on Netflix in the United Kingdom. Below, we’ll keep you updated on everything due to release on Netflix in the UK throughout October 2021. 

Want a breakdown of the Netflix Originals coming in October 2021? Check out our preview of them here.

As always, throughout the month of October 2021, we’ll keep you posted on all the new releases that week every Friday.

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Please note: some foreign titles have been omitted for brevity. 

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix UK in October 2021

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 1st

  • 27 Steps of May (2018) – Drama about a woman slowly rebuilds her life after a traumatic sexual experience.
  • Anatomy (2000) – Horror about a young medical student discovering a horrible secret.
  • A Sinister Sect: Colonia Dignidad (Season 1) N – Spanish language docuseries.
  • Addams Family Values 
  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) – The first movie in the Austin Powers franchise.
  • Body of Lies (2008) – Ridley Scott thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe.
  • Carlito’s Way (1993) – A former convict is released from prison and sets out to better himself. At least that was the plan. Stars Al Pacino.
  • Clueless
  • Creeped Out (Season 2) – More episodes of the Black Mirror-esque kids series.
  • Contagion (2011) – The timely thriller about a pandemic breaking out and the governments attempts to finding a cure.

dawn of the dead netflix uk october 2021

  • Dawn of the Dead (2004) – Zack Snyder’s big debut Hollywood movie where we follow a group of survivors taking refuge in a shopping mall during the zombie apocalypse.
  • Diana: The Musical (2021) N – A live taping of the broadway performance about Princess Diana.
  • Effie Gray (2014) – Biopic on the love triangle between John Ruskin, John Everett Millais, and Euphemia Gray. Starring Daktota Johnson.
  • Fight Club (1999) – Brad Pitt and Edward Norton about an officer worker and a soap maker who starts up an underground fight club.
  • Forever Rich (2021) N – New Dutch movie about a rapper who has his reputation damaged after a video of him goes viral.
  • Halloween Franchise including:
    • Halloween (1978)
    • Halloween II (1981) 
    • Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
    • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)
    • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)
  • Heat (1995) – Al Pacino and Robert De Niro co-star in this crime thriller set in Los Angeles.
  • Inside Job (2010) – Documentary on the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Jumper (2008) – Hayden Christensen stars in this sci-fi thriller that sees people who can teleport vs an order that sees them as abominations.
  • Killer Women with Piers Morgan (Season 1) – Documentary series where everyone’s favorite (tongue firmly in cheek) Piers Morgan visits maximum security prisons to talk to female inmates.

knight and day new on netflix october 2021

  • Knight and Day (2010) – Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz team up for this action-comedy about a fugitive couple on the run.
  • Love & Other Drugs (2010) – Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this throwback rom-com about a medicine peddler who falls in love with someone suffering from Parkinson’s.
  • Love You To Death (2019) – Lifetime TV movie about a mother and daughters relationship turning fatal. Starring Marcia Gay Harden.
  • Maid (Limited Series) N – Comedy drama from Molly Smith Metzler based on the NY Times best seller.
  • Marley & Me (2008) – Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston will make you sob with this drama where a naughty dog arrives in the family.
  • Oats Studio (Volume 1) – A collection of short films from director Neill Blomkamp.
  • Paik’s Spirit (Season 1) N – Korean talk show.
  • Pavlova – A Woman for all Time (1983) – Film following the triumphs and missteps of one of ballet’s biggest stars.
  • Saving Private Ryan (1998) – Steven Spielberg WW2 epic set during the Normandy landings.
  • Scaredy Cats (Season 1) N – A new kids series about various witches.
  • Seinfeld (Seasons 1-9) – The entire collection of the classic US sitcom headlined by Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Shaun of the Dead (2004) – The first of the cornetto trilogy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
  • Shutter Island (2010) – Martin Scorsese’s epic starring Leonardo DiCaprio about a U.S. Marshal looking for an escaped murderer.

spider man october 1st netflix uk

  • Spider-man (2002) – Tobey Maguire’s first outing as the web-slinging Marvel hero.
  • Swallow (2021) N – Nollywood thriller.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) – The first of the Andrew Garfield Spider-man movies.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) – The second and final Andrew Garfield Spider-Man entry.
  • The Crowned Clown (Season 1) – Korean historical drama series.
  • The Green Mile (1999) – Tom Hanks star in this drama about guards working on Death Row based on the Stephen King novel.
  • The Guilty (2021) N – Jake Gyllenhaal headlines this new thriller about a police call dispatcher who faces his toughest challenge in his career to date.
  • The Haunting (1999) – Horror starring Liam Neeson.
  • The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) – Horror about a family experiencing supernatural behavior.
  • The Rite (2011) – Anthony Hopkins horror about a seminary student traveling to Italy to take an exorcism course.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light (2021) N – Feature-film based on The Seven Deadly Sins series.
  • The Terminal (2004) – The Tom Hanks biopic where a man is stranded in an airport with no way out.
  • The Town (2010) – Ben Affleck crime thriller about a group of thieves robbing a bank where things get complicated.
  • Till Death (2021) – Megan Fox thriller making its SVOD debut on Netflix.
  • V for Vendetta (2005) – Set in a dystopian British future, we see a freedom fighter plotting to overthrow the tyrannical government.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 3rd

  • Scissor Seven (Season 3) N – Chinese anime series.
  • Simply Raymond Blanc (Season 1) – Food docuseries about a Michelin-starred chef sharing his secret recipes for the first time.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 4th

  • On My Block (Season 4) N – The final season of the main show of On My Block set two years after the events of season 3.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 5th

  • Adult Material (Limited Series) – Channel 4 limited series about a mum-of-three navigating the changing world of adult entertainment.

on my block season 4 netflix

  • Bad Hair (2020) – Hulu Original horror movie about a young woman who gets a hair weave that seems to have a mind of its own.
  • Escape The Undertaker (Interactive Special) NWWE interactive special based on the popular character.
  • Remember You (Season 1) – Thai mystery series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 6th

  • Bad Sport (Volume 1) N – True crime and sports collide in this new docuseries.
  • Baking Impossible (Season 1 – First 6 Episodes) N – A new baking competition series where bakers and engineers team up to try and win $100k.
  • Love is Blind: Brazil (Season 1) N – A new international spin-off of the Netflix reality series.
  • The Five Juanas (Season 1) N – Mexican drama series about five women who share the same birthmark.
  • There’s Someone Inside Your House (2021) N – Horror thriller from director Patrick Brice about a school year being targeted by a masked assailant.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 7th

  • The Billion Dollar Code (Limited Series) N – German legal thriller miniseries.
  • The Ingenuity of the Househusband (Season 1) N – Companion short-form TV series to the anime listed below.
  • The Way of the Househusband (Part 2) N – Return of the Japanese anime with Tatsu’s adventures as a househusband continuing.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 8th

tale of dark and grimm netflix

  • A Tale of Dark & Grimm (Season 1) N – Animated kids series based on the book series from Adam Gidwitz following Hansel and Gretel.
  • Angeliena (2021) – South African drama.
  • Family Business (Season 3) N – French comedy series wrapping up.
  • House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths (Limited Series) N – Docuseries that looks into the theories around the deaths of a Delhi family.
  • My Brother, My Sister (2021) N – Italian drama where a fathers will has forced siblings to connect.
  • Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle (2021) N – Animated movie set in the Pokemon universe coming exclusively to Netflix globally.
  • Pretty Smart (Season 1) N – New multi-cam sitcom set in Los Angeles about a girl who rooms into her sister and her three roommates.

The Lighthouse

  • The Lighthouse (2019) – A24’s superb thriller set on a remote lighthouse. Stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 9th

  • Blue Period (Season 1 – New Episodes) N – Teen drama anime series about a high schooler who finds inspiration in art.

the last black man in san francisco netflix

  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) – A24 movie about a man watching his city actively changing around him.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 10th

  • Behind the Players – German documentary taking you behind the scenes of professional football through the eyes of an agent.
  • Lee & Cindy C. (2015) – Belgium musical comedy.
  • The Atom: A Love Affair (2019) – Vicki Lesley directed documentary that takes a look back at the love-hate relationship the west has had with nuclear power.
  • The Magic of the Diary of Anne Frank – Dutch documentary on the historical figure.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 11th

  • Little Things (Season 4) N – Indian romantic comedy returns for a fourth season.

shazam netflix

  • Shazam! (2019) – DC movie led by Zachary Levi about a boy who is granted the power to become a super-powered adult.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club (Season 2) N – Netflix’s Tween dramedy is back for another season.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 12th

bright samurai soul

  • Bright: Samurai Soul (2021) N – New anime spin-off based on Netflix’s 2017 movie Bright.
  • Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (2021) N – Documentary directed by Orlando von Einsiedel.
  • Making Malinche: A Documentary by Nacho Cano (2021) N – Making-of documentary on the new musical.
  • The Movies That Made Us (Season 3) N – Behind the scenes look at your favorite movies including a selection of Halloween movies.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 13th

  • Fever Dream (2021) N – Arthouse horror mystery.
  • Violet Evergarden: The Movie (2020) – Anime feature-film set after the main series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 14th

  • A World Without (2021) N – A sci-fi drama set in a future where dating is outlawed.
  • Another Life (Season 2) N – Katee Sackhoff returns in this space drama about an astronaut facing new dangers as the story continues.
  • One Night in Paris (2021) N – Stand-up special brings together the biggest French talents in the stand-up world.
  • Slashers (2001) – B-horror movie about six contestants enter a game show where the only goal is to survive.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 15th

  • CoComelon (Season 4) – More episodes of the animated series which originated on YouTube.
  • Karma’s World (Season 1) N – New animated kids musical series from producer Ludacris.
  • Little Things (Season 4) N
  • Monk Comes Down the Mountain (2015) – Martial arts action movie directed by Kaige Chen.
  • My Name (Season 1) N – Korean thriller series.
  • Sharkdog’s Fintastic Halloween (2021) N – Halloween special for the kid’s animated show.
  • Spider-Man 3 (2007) – The final entry in the Raimi trilogy of Spider-Man movies.
  • The Forgotten Battle (2021) N – Dutch World War 2 movie about the Battle of the Scheldt.
  • The Four of Us (2021) N – German comedy about two couples having a four-week partner swap.
  • The Trip (2021) N – Norweigen action thriller about a couple heading to a cabin to reconnect but both plan to murder each other.
  • Unfaithful (2002) – Romance thriller starring Richard Gere.
  • You (Season 3) N – The third season of the Netflix adaptation where Joe is now a father.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 16th

Last Christmas Netflix

  • Last Christmas (2019) – Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding star in this holiday rom-com.
  • Luce (2019) – Ensemble thriller from Julius Onah about a star athlete under attack for his controversial views on political violence.
  • Misfit: The Series (Season 1) N – Teen kids comedy series about a group of girls prepping for a school musical.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 17th

  • Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady (2012) – Documentary on the Conservative leader who became the first female prime minister in the UK.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 19th

  • Gabby’s Dollhouse (Season 3) N – Dreamworks hybrid live-action animation series.
  • In for a Murder (2021) N – Mystery thriller about a stay-at-home mom and avid reader of crime stories discovering secrets of the residents in their small town.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 20th

  • Found (2021) N – Amanda Lipitz directed this documentary about three adopted teenage girls who discover they are blood-related cousins.
  • Night Teeth (2021) N – A college student moonlighting as a chauffeur picks up two mysterious women for a night of party-hopping across LA. But when he uncovers their bloodthirsty intentions — and their dangerous, shadowy underworld — he must fight to stay alive.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 21st

  • Insiders (Season 1 ) N – A new Spanish reality series hosted by one of the stars of Money Heist.
  • Komi Can’t Communicate (Season 1 – New Episodes Weekly) N – Weekly episodes of this anime high school comedy.
  • Life’s a Glitch with Julien Bam (Season 1) N – German comedy series.
  • Sex, Love & goop (Season 1) N – Reality series from Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop company.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 22nd

  • Adventure Beast (Season 1) N – Mockumentary adult-animated series about a brave zoologist.

inside job netflix

  • Inside Job (Season 1) N – New animated series from the creators of Gravity Falls.
  • Locke & Key (Season 2) N – The gang returns for more adventures and more keys in this adaptation of the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez comic series.
  • More than Blue: The Series (Season 1) N – Romantic musical drama about a man with a terminal illness seeking to find his friend a long-term partner.
  • Panihida (2012) – Romanian movie about the death of an old woman with people gathering to say their goodbyes.
  • The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea (Season 1) N – True-crime docuseries about Yoo Young-chul who operated in the early 2000s.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 25th

Head Full Of Honey Netflix

  • Head Full of Honey (2018) – Drama about a young girl trying to help her grandfather who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 28th

  • Luis Miguel – The Series (Season 3) N – Third and final season of the biopic series.

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on October 29th

  • Army of Thieves (2021) N – The prequel to Army of the Dead.

colin in black and white netflix october 2021 limited series

  • Colin in Black and White (Limited Series) N – Ava DuVernay’s new Netflix limited series looking at the career of the American Football player Colin Kaepernick.
  • The Time It Takes (Season 1) N – Spanish series.
What’s Coming to Netflix UK in October 2021

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