“Freaks and Geeks” Leaving Netflix in October 2018

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The show that launched the careers of Seth Rogan and James Franco is set to expire and leave Netflix to come October 1st in the United States. No new home has been announced as of yet for the series but will be a major departure for Netflix which hopefully doesn’t lead to the removal of other NBC comedies from Netflix.

Update (09/27/2018): Netflix has officially confirmed that the first series is scheduled to leave for October 1st. 

The show is currently showing to be removed from Netflix come October 1st, 2018. October 2018 already has some noticeable expirations which include the departure of another major show, White Collar. The show was first added to Netflix back in September 2015 so it’s now been available for your viewing pleasure for around 3 years.

Expiration date showing on Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks was aired and produced NBC who is famous for their comedy shows of which, most are on Netflix. It’s biggest TV comedies includes Friends, The Office and Parks and Recreation. In recent years, they’ve produced titles like Good Girls (expected to come to Netflix next year) as well as Great News which just recently got added to Netflix.

Why is Freaks and Geeks leaving Netflix?

Given that Freaks and Geeks is leaving exactly three years after it was added, we believe that the contract was and is simply up for renewal and Netflix is choosing not to renew. This tends to happen with older shows as Netflix gives preference to newer shows from third parties typically because they have a larger audience.

Where will “Freaks and Geeks” stream after Netflix?

No home has yet to be announced for Freaks and Geeks yet. The logical conclusion will be that it gets added to Hulu as NBC has a stakeholding in the streaming service along with Disney and Fox.

Over on Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to stream the reunion special which took place in 2007. The special documentary/movie is called “Freaks and Geeks/Undeclared Reunion: Live at the Paley Center” and sees the old cast members and creator of the show, Judd Apatow talk about the old show.

It’s important to note that Netflix may decide to renew the show but at this point, we’d say the chances are unlikely.

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