‘Homeland’ Leaving Netflix Internationally in January 2022

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Homeland Leaving Netflix January 2022

Homeland – Picture: Showtime / 20th Television

The drama series Homeland is leaving Netflix soon in multiple regions including from Netflix in Canada. Here’s where and why Homeland is leaving and where it’ll stream next.

The political thriller series led by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis first debuted on Showtime back in 2011 and went onto run for 8 seasons across 96 episodes. The award-winning show has been a must-watch on Netflix for years now but it would appear its time is now coming to an end.

Leaving on January 1st, 2022, all eight seasons will depart from Netflix in nearly every region it’s still available on.

The removal comes as part of many titles from 20th Television departing Netflix after the rights have come up for renewal. In most instances, however, Netflix has been streaming Homeland since 2015. Netflix Australia lost the show in 2020 for a short period of time too.

If you’re thinking wait, Showtime is a ViacomCBS channel, not a Disney/Fox one then you’d be right. With that said, Homeland was produced and now ultimately owned by 20th Television (the series was produced under Fox 21 Television Studios).

Where will Homeland stream after leaving Netflix?

In most instances, the show is already streaming on its permanent new home. We’re referring to Disney+ who launched their new Star tile earlier in 2021 with all eight seasons of Homeland available. That’s where the show will likely remain but it’s unclear whether 20th Television could chose to license the show again elsewhere in the future.

Is Homeland leaving Netflix UK?

For the moment, a removal notice is not showing for Netflix UK suggesting that the series will stick around for a big longer. That’s at least as of December 2nd, it could just be the case the removal notice has yet to be uploaded.

With that said, 20th Television titles are now being removed from Netflix as and when the licenses are coming up so the chances are, it won’t be long so if you’re midway through a binge, we suggest you hurry up.

Will you miss Homeland when it leaves Netflix in January 2022? Let us know in the comments down below.

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