Is 11.22.63 on Netflix?

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The eight part drama, 11.22.63 starring James Franco is one of the best TV series to debut so far in 2016 but will it stream on Netflix in either the US or the UK? We look at the contracts and explore the possibilities. 

11.22.63 is all about how one man goes back in time via a time portal in a local diner to try and prevent the assassination of JFK back in the 60’s. He has help along the way but as the series progresses he finds that the past will do everything it can to prevent Jake from changing the past. It’s thrilling television with sets rivaling AMC’s 1960’s show Mad Men and given JJ. Abrams is behind it, there’s plenty of hidden secrets and mind-bending concepts at play here.

The eight part series is just a one off but a one-off so good we thought we’d bring it up here on What’s on Netflix too see if the possibility of it streaming on our service is ever going to happen. As you may know, the series is dubbed and released as a Hulu Original. Much like Netflix Originals, these are partly or wholly produced by the streaming provider for release only on their platform. So in the States, the series was added to Hulu Plus in January all in one go. Given how Netflix retains the rights to their shows indefinitely we’d say it’s almost impossible for Netflix to ever get its hand on 11.22.63 given the circumstances.

Abroad fairs different however as Hulu is only available in the United States. We’re still holding our breath however as in the UK, FOX holds the rights and as a result it’s exclusive to the NowTV platform. Canada is the only region we can see it possibly being added to but again, we’re not counting on it.

So in the meantime, the only way you can watch the series is by signing up to Hulu which may not be the worst thing in the world.

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