When will Season 3 of Peaky Blinders be on Netflix?

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peaky-blinders-season-3Peaky Blinders has gotten its Netflix release date in the US and beyond and you’ve only got a few weeks to wait as it’s been confirmed that season 3 of Peaky Blinders will be arriving on Netflix on May 29th 2016. 

The BBC turned Netflix Original is one of the best shows among the Netflix Originals currently making new seasons highly sought-after. As you may remember almost two years ago, Netflix purchased the exclusive streaming right to Peaky Blinders after it had been available on BBC America up until then. Within that announcement was the fact that season 3 was not only in production, but would be exclusive to the streaming platform as and when that season was ready to air.

Now almost two years later, Netflix and indeed the BBC, are ready to announce the official streaming date of season 3. That still means we’ll have to wait a few weeks after it has aired in the UK, which begins broadcasting on May 5th but it’ll no doubt be worth that wait.

For those who haven’t dived into the Netflix Original yet you absolutely should. It joins several other BBC shows that have joined the Netflix Original library which sets out to highlight the best in British drama and comedy. So far the lineup has included Sherlock, Happy Valley and Cuckoo.

The show is based upon a real gang that roamed the streets of Birmingham in the 1920’s shortly after the first world war. While it strays a little from the truth the basis of the series is all fact. It stars the award-winning Cillian Murphy who’s been known for his roles in Inception, Batman and 28 Days Later.

How many episodes will season 3 of Peaky Blinders have? The indication at the moment is that it’ll match the first and second series and have a total of 6 brand new episodes.

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