5 TV Series Like Riverdale on Netflix

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Riverdale has already been on out Netflix UK and a select few other regions but it finally came to Netflix US on May 19th, 2017. The series is a modern remake of an Archie comment and has received critical praise from just about everyone so if you’re like me and streamed through it all in one sitting, you’re probably wondering what’s next.

Below we’ve picked out five alternative and similar series to Riverdale that will probably get your stamp of approval.

13 Reasons Why

If teen dramas are your thing and you’ve somehow made your way through 2017 without hearing about 13 Reasons Why, may this be your formal introduction. The series takes a much darker and real theme than Riverdale but still shares enough that justifies it being on this list. It tells the story of the final days of Hannah Bakers life through a selection of tapes left behind.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars also comes to Netflix in a few regions excluisvely and comes from ABC although it switched to Freeform a couple of years back. It’s a little bit more Mean Girls-esque than Riverdale with four girls teaming up to hide their secrets after they’ve been threatened by a blackmailer. The series is close to finishing so it’ll be more than achievable to finish the show before season 2 lands.


Girlboss is also a newcomer like Riverdale and features a solo young cast member who is retelling the story of how Nasty Gal, an international brand came to be. The series has a positive generally but Sophia, much like the guys from Riverdale, features her fair share of fails and pushbacks. The first season landed last month on Netflix and more are likely on the way so definitely check this one out.

Gossip Girl

If the teen drama aspect of Riverdale is what you like then there’s no better show that exemplifies this characteristic than Gossip Girl. The longrunning series which also aired on The CW was/is among the very best the network has ever produced. It revolves around the lives of a group of upperclass adolescents living in Manhatten.

Jane the Virgin

Also sticking with The CW is Jane the Virgin. The series in now into its third and shows no sign of slowing down. It tells the story of Jane who has been accidentelly artificially inceminated and is about her adjusting to her new unfamiliar life. It’s similar to Riverdale in the sense that Jane has to frequently make decisions which have been forced onto her.

Do you have any other suggestions for shows like Riverdale on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.


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