6 Series Similar to Stranger Things on Netflix

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The Netflix Original Stranger Things has been one of the best surprises of the year bringing a collective mix of mystery, nostalgia and action together meaning that you probably binged through all 8 episodes fairly quickly. Fear not Netflixers, as we’re here to quell your thirst for series similar to our brand new obsession.

What does it take for a series to get onto this list? Firstly, being in the science fiction genre is a good start. Any series that invokes the nostalgia that Stranger Things does is also a plus. Finally, anything that has mystery is a must too.

Here’s 6 series that you should binge if you love Stranger Things.

The Twilight Zone


Few shows have ever gotten close to the creepiness of The Twilight Zone. Focussing on the supernatural yet being persistent with its psychological horror elements, it’s a series that has actually gotten more creepier with age. If you thought Stranger Things had suspense, prepare to be clawing onto the edge of your sofa with this series.

Twin Peaks


We were split on whether to include Between or Twin Peaks for this position but the final choice was obvious as Twin Peaks really was a masterpiece for its time. The show, that’s set to return to our screens next year, is about a string of murders that happen in a small town in Washington. It’s actually the closest thing, plot wise, you’ll be able to get to Stranger Things so fill your boots.



J.J Abrams, the creator behind Fringe loves to reference lots of other mediums in his work and Fringe is a perfect example of that and it’s one of the things Stranger Things does so well with. One again in a science fiction environment, Fringe is all about an agency who investigate fringe science and as a result, gets into trouble with all kinds of supernatural beings.

The X-Files


Few shows define Sci-fi quite like The X-Files during its stint through the 90’s and revival last year. The series was known for its visual effects, something Stranger Things takes much inspiration from and known for its mystery every single episode. The main difference is that this government agency is on the good side rather than that of the bad side.



Love the fact that people are going missing? Then Scream is probably for you. The movie franchise turned MTV series is a perfect series that continues its perfection as a who done it show. It’s iconic mask returns and also involves younger generations to tell its story. Of course, if you haven’t already you should probably look at watching the movies too.



Finishing off this list is Salem. The supernatural horror is a little more far fetched and less grounded like Stranger Things as it’s essentially primarily set in the alternative reality. Loved by many the show is all about a 17th century witch who is being hunted. A third season is on the way for Salem later this year.

We hope that at the very least, we’ve managed to convince you of watching one of these series to help cure that desperation of more of Stranger Things. Got something that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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