When will Seasons 1 and 2 of Shadowhunters be on Netflix?

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Shadowhunters, which premiered in January 2016 got off to a rocky start but has won an award for being the best new fandom of the year. While it’s not on all regions of Netflix, some did get the show as an Original meaning it got episodes 24 hours after it aired. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at the next couple of  years and revisit season 1 to see when Netflix US will be getting the series.

I wasn’t particularly kind when I reviewed Shadowhunters a few months back saying it was ultimately stale but noted it could improve for future series. Clearly the ABC executives agreed to and announced even more episodes than the first season. March 2016 bought the announcement that season 2 would return the following year with 20 brand new episodes.

So what is Shadowhunters and why should you care whether it’s streaming or not. Well the show based upon the legendary and extremely popular book series, The Mortal Instruments and is set in the modern day but with a sub-world of demons that are waging war against each other.

Let’s kick off with the first season. As we stated above, season 1 can already be found on a handful of Netflix regions including the UK. What about the US where the show is actually aired and made? Well we predict that you’ll see season 1 of Shadowhunters available just before the air date of season 2. We’ve seen the same arrangement with other partial Netflix Originals abroad including Better Call Saul and Scream and see no reason why it won’t happen with Shadowhunters too.

Onto season 2 then, given the prompt announcement we suspect that it’ll be early 2017, most likely January/February 2017, when season 1 will be available to the states. Unless Shadowhunters is pushed back until the summer months (which could happen given the rise in episodes) we suspect that you’ll be getting brand new episodes once again 24 hours after the US air date in the UK again. We’ll obviously have more information on this as it develops but we hope that gives you an idea.

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