Are Season 1-2 of ‘Prodigal Son’ on Netflix?

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is prodigal son on netflix

Prodigal Son – Picture: FOX / Warner Brothers

Prodigal Son is one of the hottest shows on Fox and network TV which has generally struggled in the age of streaming. Will the Fox series be on Netflix anywhere around the world or will it be shuttered out like most US network TV? Let’s take a look. 

Crime procedurals are still alive and well on network television but despite that, services like Netflix haven’t really found a good formula of their own.

Prodigal Son is created by Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver and follows a young bright criminal psychologist who uses a prisoner who is a criminal genius to help him solve cases. It’s essentially Netflix’s Mindhunter but instead of studying the patients, they’re using them to crack cases.

The series stars Tom Payne as well as featuring Michael Sheen. Prodigal Son was renewed for a second season back in May 2020.

Before we move any further, while Fox carries the show and airs it, the show is actually owned by and distributed by Warner Brothers.

Will Prodigal Son be on Netflix in the United States?

Highly unlikely. Netflix lost almost all of its content from Fox a few years ago and no show that airs on their comes to Netflix anymore.

Despite being on Hulu currently – it may not be the case forever. Although the series airs on Fox, the series is, in fact, owned and distributed by Warner Brothers Television Studios. That studio will likely take back the rights several years after the final season airs which could mean it comes to Netflix at a later date.

With that said, Warner Media has a vested interest in their own licenses sticking to its brand new streaming service HBO Max which is more likely where the series will stream in the very long term.

Will Prodigal Son be on Netflix internationally?

Seems unlikely too. In many regions, the series has been sold off to individual partners.

In the United Kingdom, for example, Prodigal Son was sold to Sky which airs the series on Sky One (and also features on its NowTV streaming service).

The series has yet to find a permanent home in Canada but in Australia, the series is available exclusively on Foxtel Now.

Sadly, no other regions are reportedly showing the first season yet and that’ll likely remain the case for the future too.

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