Danish Series ‘Baby Fever’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

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baby fever season 2 renewed at netflix

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Netflix has given a season 2 renewal order to the Danish medical drama series over a year since the first season debuted. 

Arriving on Netflix on June 8th, 2022, the six-part series focused on a fertility doctor (played by Josephine Park) who one night drunkenly inseminates herself with her ex-boyfriend’s sperm. This leads to a lot of questions from her friends, colleagues, and, most importantly, her ex-boyfriend.

The title was produced by ITV Studios and its subsidiary production label Apple Tree Productions, based in Copenhagen, Denmark for Netflix. They previously worked with Netflix on Equinox, which ran for a single season in December 2020.

Now we’ve learned that Baby Fever, which we’ve not heard about in well over a year, will return for a second season exclusively on Netflix.

In a Tweet on August 21st, Netflix Nordic (which covers content for Denmark, Sweden, and Norway) confirmed the renewal stating:

“Baby Fever returns with a second season!

Josephine Park and the creators behind Baby Fever, Amalie Næsby Fick and Nikolaj Feifer is back on set to continue the story of Nana and her somewhat unconventional road to motherhood”

baby fever team on season 2 renewal

Pictured: Josephine Park, Amalie Næsby Fick and Nikolaj Feifer

Netflix has since clarified season 2 will consist of another six episodes and also provided an expanded synopsis for the second season:

“In the second season of Baby Fever, we meet Nana (Josephine Park), now mother to a two-month-old baby. But, as much as she adores her child, Nana hates being on maternity leave. So she begs her old boss, Helle, to give her back her job. Helle grudgingly agrees: but no mistakes and no lies this time! Nana promises to mend her ways and do better, whatever it takes to become the world’s best fertility doctor again! The only thing is she hasn’t given any thought to who will care for her baby while she’s at work. Reluctantly, she ends up asking her mum to live in as a kind of permanent babysitter/roommate from hell. But Nana has no choice, because more than ever she has to excel at her job now that the perfect new star doctor, Hampus, has stepped into her shoes in her absence. Every day is a new mountain to climb, and to top it all, Mathias is still lurking in the wings. The great love of her life who got away, but also the love that doesn’t know he’s father to Nana’s baby. More than ever before, Nana needs to lie, and conversely, more than ever she needs to tell the truth…”

How well did Baby Fever perform on Netflix?

Although it never featured in the global top 10s, it did appear in a handful of countries’ daily top 10s according to FlixPatrol, with its best-performing country being Denmark itself.

Here’s how many days the show spent in respective Netflix daily top 10 lists:

Country Points in Top 10 Total Days in Top 10
Austria 7 3 days
Czech Republic 27 6 days
Denmark 197 32 days
Finland 24 7 days
Germany 2 2 days
Hungary 20 8 days
Iceland 26 7 days
Luxembourg 1 1 day
Netherlands 2 1 day
Norway 25 7 days
Poland 4 4 days
Slovakia 27 8 days
Sweden 12 5 days
Switzerland 1 1 day

As it stands, this is currently the only known Danish show that is coming up on Netflix’s slate. In 2023, we’ve seen The Nurse and Copenhagen Cowboy drop on the platform neither of which has yet to be renewed officially for a second season. In 2022 alongside Baby Fever, highlights included Borgen – Power & Glory and Chosen. Again, neither has yet to be renewed.

For a full list of Netflix Original shows set to return for additional seasons at Netflix, check back with our renewed shows list, which gets updated once a month.

Will you check out Baby Fever when it drops its second season? Let us know in the comments down below.

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