New Australian Movies and Series Coming Soon to Netflix

Netflix has previewed at least eight new or previously confirmed movies and series.

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netflix australia new movies and series coming soon 2023 2024

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Netflix has provided an updated look at its upcoming slate of new movies and series coming out of Australia for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024 and beyond. 

Over the years, Netflix Australia has produced a slew of great content. Some of the series and movies that have come out of the region in recent months and years include The Stranger, True Spirit, Pine Gap, The New Legends of Monkey, Wanted, Dive Club, Wellmania, Lunatics, and The Let Down.

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That’s in addition to plenty of licensed content from the region. Recently, Netflix picked up Fisk, an excellent comedy series starring Kitty Flanagan.

Now let’s run through what’s coming up from the region courtesy of a new slate reveal by Netflix ANZ.

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Picture: Netflix Australia

New Australian Movies and Series Coming to Netflix in 2023

Surviving Summer (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix: September 15th

SurvivingSummerS2 Netflix 0300

Surviving Summer S2. (L to R) Lilliana Bowrey as Poppy Tetanui, Savannah La Rain as Bodhi Mercer, João Gabriel Marinho as Marlon Sousa in Surviving Summer S2. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

As announced a week ahead of this preview of upcoming titles, Surviving Summer will be back for its second season in mid-September.

The surfing-focused coming-of-age series sees Summer Torres return to Shorehaven but finds out nothing everything is quite as she left it during her last visit.

New cast members for this season include Olympia Valance as Elo, Annabel Wolfe as Wren, and Josh MacQueen as Baxter.

Love Is In The Air

Coming to Netflix: September 28th, 2023

love is in the air netflix movie september 2023

Picture: Netflix

Netflix has teamed up with frequent contributor Jaggi Entertainment for another romance movie following their previous entries This Little Love of Mine and Romance on the Menu.

Here’s what you can expect from this new movie that drops at the end of September:

“A seaplane pilot flying in the tropics finds herself falling for the man sent to sink her business.”

The new feature film is directed by Adrian Powers with Delta Goodrem, Joshua Sasse, Steph Tisdell, and Roy Billing starring.

Onefour: Against All Odds

Coming to Netflix: 2023 TBD

onefour against all odds netflix

Picture: Netflix

This documentary starts in Sydney, where a collective of youths with Pacific Islander roots embark on a journey to escape the clutches of a criminal path by delving into the world of drill rap creation. After two years of their extraordinary ascent, a police task force intervenes, abruptly halting their triumphant nationwide tour. The concerns lie in the potential for the group’s music to ignite violence.

This compelling documentary film is directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos, a creation brought to life through the collaborative efforts of production companies Entropico and Stranger Than Fiction.

New Australian Movies and Series Coming in 2024 & Beyond

Boy Swallows Universe

Coming to Netflix: TBD

boy swallows universe netflix series

Picture: Netflix

One of the big new scripted series out of the region is the previously announced adaptation of the Australian novel by Trent Dalton.

Produced by Anonymous Content, the series is set in 1980s Brisbane, following a young boy and his brother embarking on a journey navigating a junkie mum, a heroin dealer for a stepfather, and a notorious criminal for a babysitter.

The cast for the series includes Travis Fimmel, Simon Baker, Phoebe Tonkin, Felix Cameron, Lee Tiger Halley, and Bryan Brown.

We’ve got more on this new series adaptation in our big preview for the Netflix title.

Desert King

Coming to Netflix: TBD

cattle farm australia

Picture: Getty Images

Created by Tim Lee and Ben Davies, this new series looks to walk in the footsteps of mega-hit Yellowstone.

Here’s what you can expect from the series, described as an “explosive drama” that’s about power, family, and legacy:

“When the world’s largest cattle station is left without a clear successor, generational clashes threaten to tear the Lawson family apart. Sensing this once great dynasty is in decline, the outback’s most powerful factions – rival cattle barons, desert gangsters, Indigenous elders and billionaire miners – move in for the kill.”

Eddie’s Lil Home (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: TBD

eddies lil home netflix

Picture: Netflix

One of the few animated series set to come out of Australia is Eddie’s Lil Homes, produced by NITV and in partnership with ACTF.

The animated TV series, based on Eddie Betts’ children’s books, centers around young Eddie and his friends Lottie and Tal. Set in a whimsical childhood universe, the show captures their adventures and challenges as they rely on each other and their imagination to navigate life’s complexities. The playground becomes their limitless world, blurring the lines between reality and imagination, where even imaginary friends hold significance. Themes of kindness, empathy, and creativity are highlighted as the trio learns that a positive attitude and supportive relationships can overcome obstacles.

Heartbreak High (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix: 2024 TBD

heartbreak high reboot season 1 netflix cast members

Picture: Netflix

Confirmed earlier this year to arrive in 2024, Heartbreak High started production in the summer and has announced two new cast members for the forthcoming second season, including Sam Rechner and Kartanya Maynard.

The Shrinking of Treehorn

Coming to Netflix: TBD

the shrinking of treehorn netflix

Being produced by Netflix’s internal animation studio Animal Logic, based out of New South Wales, this animated adaptation of the book by Florence Parry Heide is being directed by Ron Howard based on a screenplay by Rob Lieber.

The movie follows a young man who begins shrinking in size after playing a strange board game, which goes largely unnoticed by his parents.

The Survivors

Coming to Netflix: TBD

the suvivors netflix series adaptation

Coming from Tony Ayres Productions, this new scripted drama series is based on the novel by Jane Harper.

Here’s the full synopsis for the new series:

“Fifteen years ago, a terrible storm hit the seaside tourist town of Evelyn Bay and three young people died. Kieran lost his older brother, Finn. Mia lost her best friend, Gabby. Finn’s best friend, Toby, also died. The respective families, the community of friends, and the very town itself, became haunted and defined by these immeasurable losses. Kieran and Mia coped with their feelings of guilt and culpability by running away. But now, they are back and a new tragedy—the murder of a young woman—forces them to confront the past again with all of its murky secrets.”

What new Australian productions are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments down below.

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