Bel Powley and Jacob Tremblay Movie ‘Cold Copy’ Set for Netflix Streaming Debut

The movie will be the latest Vertical movie to make its streaming debut on Netflix in the United States.

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Cold Copy Coming To Netflix June 2024

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The Roxine Helberg-directed mystery thriller Cold Copy has just been confirmed to be part of Netflix’s US June 2024 lineup. This marks the first time the movie has been on a streaming service. 

Set to arrive on Saturday, June 1st, the movie follows a journalism student who is recruited by a news reporter with a ruthless mentality for getting stories out. That’s not bad on paper, but problems arise when it becomes clear that stories are manipulated and often bend the truth to the extreme.

The Netflix debut comes just months after its initial release in select theaters and on VOD serves towards the end of January 2024. Only Netflix in the US is currently expected to pick up the movie.

Bel Powley plays Mia Scott in the movie, and the rest of the cast includes Tracee Ellis Ross, Jacob Tremblay, James Tupper, Nesta Cooper, Tracee Ellis Ross, Helena Marie, and Requell Jodeah.

Sadly, reviews haven’t been particularly strong for the movie thus far, with it only carrying a 35% on RottenTomatoes from critics, whereas the audience fares slightly better with 45%, albeit on only a few dozen reviews, which we’d hope to see grow following the Netflix release.

Brittany Witherspoon for ScreenRant wasn’t too keen on the film, concluding, “Cold Copy, while entertaining in delivery, struggles to say something meaningful about the media and the ugly truth behind journalism and narrative.”

On the other end of the spectrum, David Gonzalez for The Cinematic Reel said, “Roxine Helberg’s screenplay examines the moral ambiguity of succeeding within the field. It’s a confident and stunning debut celebrating the area and condemning its selfishness.”

Netflix has acquired the streaming license to Cold Copy from Vertical, continuing its long tradition of getting new and older movies from the distributor. Established in 2012, the distributor is known for producing low-to-mid-budget films, often with big and/or up-and-coming stars.

The addition of Cold Copy follows other recent pick-ups, including the recently released Bricklayer, starring Aaron Eckhart. Other recent licenses include See You On Venus and After Ever Happy.

Cold Copy is just one of several already-announced SVOD debuts scheduled for June. Just recently, we learned the award-winning Simon would be dropping on June 1st, and today, we reported that the documentary on Gene Wilder will drop on June 12th.

Will you check out Cold Copy when it drops on Netflix in the US in June 2024? Let us know in the comments.

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