Black Panther Coming to Netflix in September 2018

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Marvel’s Black Panther is coming to Netflix but will be the last Marvel movie to join Netflix as part of the Disney agreement. We’ve got information on when it’ll land on Netflix, why it’ll be the last movie and when you can expect it to be removed.

The Marvel movie released in cinemas around the world in February 2018 and quickly became one of the most popular heroes of the MCU.

It’s not Black Panther’s first outing with Chadwick Boseman having also played the role in 2016’s Civil War which recently left Netflix having been available for a year and a half.

Black Panther also had a leading role in Infinity War which is also scheduled to come to Netflix later this year.

Black Panther will mark almost the final Marvel movie coming to Netflix US now that the Disney deal is coming to an end. With Netflix’s own Marvel series, regular updates of Agents of SHIELD and the new Marvel movies coming to Netflix its made Netflix the premiere place to be a Marvel fan.

So far, the Disney deal has brought us Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and soon, Thor: Ragnarok. During 2017, Disney decided to end this contract come 2019. Although we don’t it’s going to affect Black Panther but it does mean Black Panther will expire after a year or so.

When will Black Panther be on Netflix?

It has been revealed that Netflix will be releasing Black Panther on September 4th, 2018. Likewise, Netflix in Canada will also be streaming Black Panther in either September or October 2018.

For those in the United Kingdom, you can expect the movie to be made available soon on NowTV. We do expect it to arrive on Netflix but much further down the line.

When will it be removed?

Once Black Panther is added to Netflix, it’ll then start a clock for when it’ll leave. All titles are leaving a year and a half after they’re added. We’re keeping a track of all the theatrical movies that Disney will intend to remove from Netflix here.

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