Captain America: Civil War Leaving Netflix in June 2018


Exactly a year and a half after it was added to Netflix in the United States, Captain America: Civil War will be leaving Netflix permanently come June 24th. 

Civil War released in 2016 and at that point, was the biggest Marvel movie to date. It was the third Captain America entry but in our opinion, it may have just been called Avengers 3 given it featured the biggest lineup of heroes to date. These included Captain America, Iron Man, the introduction to Black Panther, ant man, the introduction to the new Spiderman and more!

Why is Captain America: Civil War leaving Netflix?

As of right now, Civil War will be leaving Netflix indefinitely come June 24th, 2018. This means that it’ll have been streaming on Netflix for one year and six months to the day. It first arrived on Netflix back on December 25th, 2016.

The reason it’s expiring is the Netflix Disney contract. It brings new theatrical movies between 2016 and 2019 but when movies are added, it automatically starts a countdown to when they’ll leave. Every Disney movie is removed exactly a year and a half after its added.

June is a relatively quiet month for removals and this year is no different but the removal of this monster Marvel movie is a big loss for the streaming service.

As for its new home, we’re expecting it to arrive on Disney’s new streaming platform that’s due out next year.

Other Regions

If you’re on Netflix in Canada, you can also expect Civil War to leave Netflix soon but there’s no confirmed date as of yet. On the flipside, if you’re on Netflix in the United Kingdom, you should expect the movie to drop onto your service within the next year or so.

Not all is lost though. If you’re a Netflix DVD subscriber you can continue to rent the movie through that platform and not to mention that both Black Panther and Infinity War are coming to Netflix soon too.

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