Jason Bateman Netflix Movie ‘Here Comes the Flood’: What We Know So Far

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jason bateman here comes the flood what we know so far

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About a year ago Netflix won what was said to be a “ferocious auction” for Here Comes the Flood, an elevated character-driven love story and heist movie. The streamer sealed the acquisition with a mid-seven figure deal, which is a lot for a script that at the time had no talent attached to it. And lately, Robert Downey Jr. is rumored to star.

The script for Netflix’s Here Comes the Flood is written by Simon Kinberg, who is known for his work on such big titles as X-Men, Deadpool, Logan, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Star Wars: Rebels, and more. Kinberg will be producing the film with Audrey Chon of Genre Films (X-Men, The Martian, Sherlock Holmes).

Golden Globe winner Jason Bateman, best known for Ozark and Arrested Development, will direct. Here Comes the Flood will be the second Netflix feature film Bateman is working on as he is also producing The Girls I’ve Been starring Millie Bobby Brown. Bateman is expected to serve as producer here as well.

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The first mention of the project was back in July 2021 when Indie Wire reported that Bateman and Kinberg were in negotiations for the movie. It’s said to be a deal worth “mid-seven figures”.

Here’s everything else we know about Netflix’s Here Comes the Flood:

What is the plot of Here Comes the Flood?

Given that Netflix’s Here Comes the Flood is a completely original story that is not based on any source material, not much is known about it except the movie’s official logline:

An elevated, character-driven love-story heist movie, with the heist playing out in increments. The thriller sees an Iraqi war vet landing a job at a bank. An international thief approaches him to help strategize and enact a heist in the bank. However, the veteran is in love with one of the bank employees and they plan to manufacture a double-cross that will see them getting away with the money and leaving the thief to take the blame.

What is also known about the script is that it was so attractive to various studios that only a mid-seven figure deal helped Netflix acquire it amid several other offers.

Who is cast in Here Comes the Flood?


Currently, no cast members are officially announced for the movie, but Iron Man and Avengers star Robert Downey Jr. is reportedly in talks for the lead role.

Director and actor Jason Bateman, who has proven both his directing and acting prowess in Netflix’s Ozark, may also play one of the parts, according to Deadline.

What’s the production status of Here Comes the Flood?

Current production status: Active development (Last updated: 04/13/2020)

According to issue 1240 of Production Weekly, filming for Netflix’s Here Comes the Flood will take place in Los Angeles, US. Although the location is known, the dates are not. Nevertheless, we will know more about the production schedule in the coming months.

When will Here Comes the Flood be released on Netflix?

Netflix’s Here Comes of Flood currently has no release date as it hasn’t even started filming yet, but we would expect it sometime rather in late 2022 or 2023.

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