Could Transformers 6 Be Coming Exclusively to Netflix?

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Could the next Transformers be coming exclusively to Netflix skipping out the theatrical release? If it’s anything like the rest of Paramount’s release schedule it will be. 

The Transformers series has never really been able to hold onto its strong audience built up for the first few movies. Having in the past five years rebooted the series it looks like its going to have to be rebooted once again. It was mentioned at the Toy Fair 2018 that Hasbro and Paramount were bringing in a brand new team to completely reset the Transformers cinematic universe.

In case you haven’t heard, Paramount has dropped the scheduled Transformers 6 from its lineup. The movie was planned to release in June 2019. The premise of the latest Transformers was scheduled to be a standalone spinoff for one of the better liked Transformers characters, Bumblebee.

Paramount has pulled a number of its movies from its schedule this year with three of them coming to Netflix exclusively. The first was the latest Cloverfield instalment which was added to Netflix after the Superbowl this year. It’s also got Extinction, another sci-fi movie that was pulled now on the Netflix lineup for later this year. Given this close relationship with Netflix being the only network willing to carry these doomed movies could Transformers be next?

Now obviously this is pure speculation at this point but given how keen Netflix has been to pick up Paramount properties thus far, Transformers could be next. Of course, it all depends how far along the production got with the new movie. If it was fairly early on, then it’s likely that it’ll never come to fruition. If it was nearing the end, it might make sense for Netflix to pick it up.

It’s worth noting that Netflix is also currently home to Voltron, an animated series which shares the same parent company as Transformers too. If Netflix was to pick up the movie they could also choose to give Dreamworks animation an order of an animated Transformers series which we know would be insanely popular.

In the meantime, many Netflix regions do currently stream the previously available Transformers movie which you can find a guide for on our site.

What do you think, should Netflix pick up Transformers 6 or let it die a death.

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