Dark Tourist: The Travel Show For Lovers of True Crime

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Lovers of documentaries, true crime, and stuff that’s just plain weird rejoice. Your next binge is around the corner. 

You may be familiar with David Farrier’s work. He’s the man behind the documentary Tickled, a film about the world of “competitive endurance tickling.” (Yeah. That’s a thing. Let that sit for a minute.) He’s a journalist who pursues offbeat stories making him the perfect man to take the helm of Netflix’s latest series Dark Tourist.

The exact definition of dark tourism is a little unclear. It ranges from visiting the world’s most popular suicide spot to taking a Jeffrey Dahmer tour with a lot of ladies. I must admit when I first started watching, I wasn’t impressed. He travels to Japan and visits the site of the atomic meltdown that is Fukushima. I have to be honest if you’ve seen one reel of footage from there you’ve seen them all. Sure, it’s dangerous to be there. Perhaps that’s where the tourists are getting their kicks. But stick with it. The fun is just beginning.

As the episodes move on he is visiting the strangest places, meeting the craziest people, and actually doing dangerous things. In one episode he starts off visiting the most awful museum ever and ends up on the phone with Charles Bronson. Remember the movie with Tom Hardy? That Charles Bronson.

With each episode, you don’t know what crazy thing will happen next. Will he just be looking at an empty building? Or will he be having coffee with a woman who packed a skull in her luggage? It’s a trip worth taking.

Dark Tourist premiers Friday, July 20th on Netflix.

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