“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Has Been Revived: Is It Coming To Netflix?

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San Diego comic-con is already bringing the goods with the announcement of a brand new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. With the announcement, many will be wondering where the new series will air and most importantly to us, will The Clone Wars new season be on Netflix? Let’s have a look.

The Clone Wars has been in hiatus for multiple years now and its revival is a shock to most fans of the show. It reveals we’re once again heading back to one of the most beloved time periods of the Star Wars universe with Osaka, Obi-wan, Anakin and Commander Cody all returning. The reveal was made during Clone Wars’ Hall-H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which was initially dubbed as being a 10-year anniversary panel.

The series faced a difficult last few years before it was eventually cancelled. The show had been exclusively on Cartoon Network but the network dumped the show due to falling ratings. The last season wasn’t ever fully released on Cartoon Network so it was up to Netflix to save the day and release all the old episodes along with the unreleased ones.

The network/streaming platform for the new series has yet to be announced but its currently expected that it’ll either air on Disney XD or come exclusively to the rumoured Disney streaming platform.

Why Netflix probably won’t get the new Clone Wars series

Despite Netflix having all the old episodes plus exclusive episodes, we don’t believe that Netflix will be the home of the new Clone Wars series. The reason is that Disney has since taken full ownership of Star Wars and is producing the new series not like Cartoon Network before it.

It could be the case that Netflix buys up the new series once its aired but the more likely scenario is that it’ll stay on Disney XD or the Disney streaming service.

This story is still developing and we’ll update should we get any more information.

Netflix is still a pretty good home for Star Wars at the moment with the two most recent theatrical releases on the service with Solo expected to arrive later this year.

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