Netflix Added 55 New Movies and Series for March 1st, 2024

46 new movies and 9 new series dropped today.

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Two Lovers New On Netflix March 1st 2024

PALTROW, PHOENIX, TWO LOVERS, 2008 – Picture: Magnolia Pictures

Happy Friday and happy first of the month. As with every first of the month, Netflix has a big changeover when it comes predominantly with licensed titles. Because we’re falling on a Friday too, we’ve got a bunch of big new Netflix Originals too. Here’s everything new on Netflix for March 1, 2024.

If you’re wondering if we’ll do a full weekly recap – we will on Sunday, but if you can’t wait until then, you can find the complete list of new releases via our New on Netflix hub.

Speaking of the weekend, on Sunday evening, you can watch The Netflix Slam live and only on Netflix.

Now, let’s dig into three of today’s new release highlights:

Best New Movies and Series on Netflix for March 1st, 2024

Two Lovers (2008)

Rating: R
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: James Gray
Writer: James Gray, Ric Menello
Runtime: 110 min / 1h 50m

Making its Netflix debut from Magnolia Pictures is the romantic drama movie headlined by Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow. The film is about a bachelor living in Brooklyn who’s staring down two relationships – one is a friend of the family and the other a new neighbor who he instantly took too. Who will he choose?

The movie scored predominantly great reviews with critics when it released over 15 years ago and it must be said that audiences still remain warmed to the film even after all this time. Jonathan Crocker for Total Film wrote, “A small, dark, simple love story with big, burning, complex emotions. If this really is Phoenix’s final performance, it’s one hell of a way to go.”

Spaceman (2024)

Rating: R
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Johan Renck
Cast: Adam Sandler, Carey Mulligan, Paul Dano
Writer: Jaroslav Kalfar, Colby Day
Runtime: 107 min / 1h 47m

Spaceman N 01 28 08 00 R

SPACEMAN. Adam Sandler as Jakub in Spaceman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023.

One of our most anticipated movies of 2024 has undoubtedly been the new Adam Sandler movie Spaceman, which adapts the beloved book Spaceman of Bohemia.

Here’s what you can expect:

“Six months into a solo mission, a lonely astronaut confronts the cracks in his marriage with help from a mysterious creature he discovers on his ship.”

We gave the movie a 3-star rating out of five, with our critic Andrew Morgan, concluding:

“It’s a weird day when you say “I expected a lot more from a serious Adam Sandler movie”, but his track record forces it so. Not even backstory & chemistry to rise to the prestige of Sandler’s past successes and their peers in unique life-examining relationship dramas.”

The Disaster Artist (2017)

Rating: R
Language: English
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama
Director: James Franco
Cast: James Franco, Dave Franco, Ari Graynor
Writer: Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber, Greg Sestero
Runtime: 104 min / 1h 44m

Returning to Netflix today for a few months is the brilliant biopic comedy from director James Franco that sees him and Dave Franco recreate the behind-the-scenes of the movie production that has become one of the biggest cult classics of all time – The Room.

This is one of at least three A24 movies we know about coming up in March 2024. The second is Bodies Bodies Bodies, which topped our most anticipated list for the month. Finally, as we reported exclusively yesterday When You Finish Saving the World will *finally* be making its way onto a streaming service via Netflix towards the end of the month.

Full List of New Releases on Netflix for March 1st

46 New Movies Added Today

  • 2012 (2009) – PG-13 – English – When a flood of natural disasters begins to destroy the world, a divorced dad desperately tries to save his family by outrunning the cataclysmic chaos.
  • 21 Bridges (2019) – R – English – Armed with a bold plan to lock down Manhattan, a detective on a mission races against time to catch two cop killers — and makes a shocking discovery.
  • 27 Dresses (2008) – PG-13 – English – Jane, a bridesmaid dozens of times but never the bride, faces a new dilemma when she agrees to plan her sister’s wedding to the man she secretly loves.
  • A Madea Family Funeral (2019) – PG-13 – English – A family celebration takes a turn when Madea must make arrangements for an impromptu funeral and keep long-buried secrets from hampering the homegoing.
  • Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) – PG-13 – English – Raised by ninjas, a big-hearted but bumbling orphan travels to Beverly Hills on a mission to help a woman investigate her shady boyfriend.
  • Blankman (1994) – PG-13 – English – A mechanically gifted but socially inept nerd makes bulletproof skivvies that enable him to take his rightful place in the pantheon of crime fighters.
  • Bonnie & Clyde (2013) – TV-14 – English – A convicted armed robber sweeps a small-town server off her feet, and the two embark on one of the most infamous bank-robbing sprees in history.
  • Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) – R – English – In 1948 Los Angeles, a stranger asks war veteran “Easy” Rawlins to help locate a missing woman — a task that gets him embroiled in a murder mystery.
  • Dumb and Dumber (1994) – PG-13 – English – A lovesick fool and his rambunctious best friend get caught up in a criminal scheme after they attempt to return a briefcase to its rightful owner.
  • Fear (1996) – R – English – An impressionable teenager falls for a dreamy older guy from the wrong side of the tracks — only to discover he’s actually the stuff of nightmares.
  • First Knight (1995) – PG-13 – English – When given a place at the Round Table, Lancelot must balance loyalty to the throne with his love for King Arthur’s queen, Guinevere.
  • First Sunday (2008) – PG-13 – English – Desperate for cash, two petty thieves devise a scheme to rob the neighborhood church that soon turns into a hostage crisis in this crime comedy.
  • Fun with Dick & Jane (2005) – PG-13 – English – After losing their high-paying corporate jobs, a husband and wife turn to bank robbery to maintain their standard of living.
  • Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) – R – English – At a cutthroat real estate office, four desperate men scramble to sell worthless resort properties in a contest to keep their jobs and self-respect.
  • Godzilla (2014) – PG-13 – English – Years after a nuclear disaster tore their family apart, a father and son reunite just as Godzilla reemerges to battle beasts that threaten humanity.
  • Legal Eagles (1986) – PG – English – Two rival attorneys wind up on the same side of a high-profile murder case involving a young woman accused of stealing art belonging to her late father.
  • Love & Basketball (2000) – PG-13 – English – Friends since childhood, Monica and Quincy both pursue their dreams of playing pro basketball while a romance gradually blooms over the years.
  • My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Korean – After defecting from North Korea, Loh Kiwan struggles to obtain refugee status in Belgium, where he encounters a dejected woman who has lost all hope.
  • National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) – R – English – The underachieving, hard-partying fraternity brothers of Delta House refuse to let threats of expulsion put a damper on their drunken debauchery.
  • Noah (2014) – PG-13 – English – After a pious man receives a vision of an apocalyptic flood sent by God, he begins building an ark large enough for his family and pairs of every animal.
  • Out of Africa (1985) – PG – English – A wealthy Danish woman moves to Nairobi to marry a baron but soon falls for a dashing big-game hunter who won’t be tied down.
  • Pineapple Express (2008) – R – English – After witnessing a murder, a perpetually stoned process server and his good-natured dealer go on the run from a drug lord who’s out to kill them.
  • Shake, Rattle & Roll Extreme (2023) – TV-MA – Filipino – In this spine-chilling anthology, unsuspecting victims encounter surreal monsters, a lethal kids show and a zombie apocalypse.
  • Spaceman (2024) Netflix Original – R – English
  • Step Brothers (2008) – R – English – Brennan and Dale might be grown men, but that doesn’t stop a childish sibling rivalry from erupting after Brennan’s mom marries Dale’s dad.
  • Tammy (2014) – R – English – Pushed to the limit after losing her job and discovering her husband’s been cheating on her, Tammy agrees to flee town with her grandmother.
  • That’s My Boy (2012) – R – English – Father-son tensions flare when a disagreeable dad decides to move in with his son and his son’s fiance right before their wedding.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) – PG-13 – English – Andrew Garfield stars as Peter Parker, a high schooler learning to wield new powers while uncovering family secrets and battling a familiar archvillain.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) – PG-13 – English – Andrew Garfield returns as Peter Parker, a teenager embracing his role as superhero as he battles new villains and uncovers more clues about his past.
  • The Disaster Artist (2017) – R – English – A would-be director casts his friend in a deeply peculiar passion project. Based on the true story behind the making of the cult classic film “The Room.”
  • The Gift (2015) – R – English – After a chance encounter with a former classmate, an up-and-coming executive is forced to contend with secrets from his past.
  • The Great Debaters (2007) – PG-13 – English – In 1935, a teacher at an all-black college pushes his debate team to a level of excellence that nets them a chance to face reigning champion Harvard.
  • The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon (2023) – TV-MA – Mandarin – Upon discovering he’s only Taiwan’s third-most-wanted fugitive, an ambitious criminal embarks on a quest to overtake the top two.
  • Think Like a Man (2012) – PG-13 – English – Four women set out to solve their relationship problems using advice from a bestselling book. But the men in their lives are less than cooperative.
  • Think Like a Man Too (2014) – PG-13 – English – A romantic wedding weekend in Las Vegas goes awry when the men and women attempt to outdo each other in a raucous night of debauchery.
  • Total Recall (1990) – R – English – Bursting with action sequences, this remake of the 1990 sci-fi classic follows a man on the run after a mind-bending procedure goes horribly wrong.
  • Turbo (2013) – PG – English – A speed-obsessed snail who dreams of being the world’s greatest race car driver gets his chance when an accident imbues him with high-octane speed.
  • Two Lovers (2008) – R – English – A troubled young man juggles the affections of his self-destructive neighbor and the sensible daughter of his father’s business associate.
  • Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too? (2010) – PG-13 – English – An annual Caribbean retreat turns into a week of life-altering revelations when four couples bust their relationships wide open.
  • Unthinkable (2010) – R – English – An FBI agent and a Black Ops interrogator race to get answers from an uncooperative subject before he can detonate three hidden nuclear bombs.
  • Vampires (1998) – R – English – Vengeful vampire slayer Jack Crow meets his match in powerful kingpin Jan Valek, who seeks a talisman that will let bloodsuckers hunt in daylight.
  • Voyagers (2021) – PG-13 – English – An expedition to a distant planet descends into chaos when the young passengers discover they’re being manipulated via a chemical substance.
  • Wanderlust (2012) – R – English – Economic hard times force a New York couple to move to Atlanta. On their way south, they encounter a hippie commune and consider a new lifestyle.
  • Why Did I Get Married? (2007) – PG-13 – English – Eight married college friends gather for a reunion, but a startling revelation of infidelity sets off a chain reaction of soul searching.
  • Yesterday (2019) – PG-13 – English – After a global blackout erases humanity’s memory of the Beatles, a struggling musician performs the group’s music and becomes a pop sensation.
  • You Are Not Alone: Fighting the Wolf Pack (2023) Netflix Original – R – Spanish – Through key testimonies, this documentary looks at a gang rape that took place during the 2016 San Fermín festival and sparked protests worldwide.

9 New TV Series Added Today

  • Aníkúlápó: Rise of the Spectre (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Yoruba – In a race against time to avoid a dismal fate, traveler Saro returns to Ojumo with orders to complete a nearly impossible task.
  • Blood & Water (Season 4) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – After crossing paths at a party, a Cape Town teen sets out to prove whether a private-school swimming star is her sister who was abducted at birth.
  • DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai (Season 1) – TV-PG – Japanese – Young Dai embarks on an epic journey to become a legendary hero, training with his loyal companions to save the world from the resurrected Demon King.
  • Furies (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – French – Seeking to avenge her father’s death, a young woman becomes entangled in the web of the Fury, peacekeeper of the Paris criminal underworld.
  • Maamla Legal Hai (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Hindi – Chaos collides with the letter of the law at District Court Patparganj, where quirky employees work to uphold justice — but not without a few objections.
  • Meet Me After School (Season 1) – TV-14 – Japanese – Emotions resurface when a school teacher and her former student reconnect three years after sharing a forbidden attraction that scarred them both.
  • My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale (Season 2) – TV-Y – English – The Mane 5 are back! Sunny teams up with her pony pals for more adventures as they live, learn and laugh together in Maretime Bay.
  • Somebody Feed Phil (Season 7) Netflix Original – TV-14 – English – Globe-trotting gourmand Phil Rosenthal samples and savors culinary delights from Dubai, Edinburgh, Kyoto and more in this warmly humorous series.
  • The Jamie Foxx Show (Seasons 1-5) – TV-PG – English – Aspiring actor and talented performer Jamie King moves to Hollywood and works at his aunt and uncle’s hotel while juggling schemes and dreams of stardom.

# TV Shows Movies
1 Avatar: The Last Airbender Code 8 Part II
2 Love Is Blind Mea Culpa
3 American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken
4 Chappelle’s Home Team – Donnell Rawlings: A New Day The Legend of Hercules
5 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Code 8
6 Resident Alien The Super Mario Bros. Movie
7 One Day Minions
8 The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth The Abyss
9 Mike Epps: Ready to Sell Out Trolls
10 Can I Tell You a Secret? Thanksgiving

You can find more countries’ top 10s and the full top 50 on Netflix today via our Most Popular hub page.

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 Poster Netflix Synopsis: "Six months into a solo mission, a lonely astronaut confronts the cracks in his marriage with help from a mysterious creature he discovers on his ship."

Rating: R
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Johan Renck
Cast: Adam Sandler, Carey Mulligan, Paul Dano
Added to Netflix: March 1st, 2024

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