Fans Plea For Netflix to Pick Up Agent Carter and Most Wanted

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It’s official, Agent Carter has been cancelled and will not be renewed for a third season and also progress has now been halted on the spin-off series Most Wanted meaning ABC will only be producing one Marvel show from now on, Agents of Shield.

Agent Carter was the continuation of the story that started in Captain America: The First Avenger. Set in 1940s America it continues the operations of SHIELD in the early days. Hayley Atwell superbly reprised the role as Agent Carter acting as a powerful female hero that’s often not presented very well, particularly in Marvel shows and movies.

The other show mentioned in the title was a planned spinoff with one of the characters from Agent Carter, Bobbi Morse being on the run from the authorities. The show was in its early development stages but has been canned and is also up for grabs should there be a suitable buyer.

The shows sad ending was almost certainly caused by dwindling viewing figures which fell from between 4 and 6 million viewers in the first season to just 2 in the second season. ABC clearly has its bets on Agents of Shield being the show that can continue growing.

So why is Netflix being pegged (heh) to be the nominated network to pick up Agent Carter and its spinoff? Well frankly, it’s because they’re the only network successfully running Marvel shows at present and managing to grab massive worldwide audiences with said shows. Although Agent Carters story arc won’t have any direct relation to the Defenders story Netflix is telling, it’d still be a compelling sell for Netflix particularly if there were make the overall tone of the show a little darker than what it is currently.

So far, fans have been reaching out to the Netflix twitter handles under the hashtags #SaveAgentCarter, #AgentCarteronNetflix and many more. A Petition has risen up and already has 3,000 signatures calling on not only Netflix to revive it but ABC to reconsider too.

Let us know if you think Netflix should revive Agent Carter below!

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