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Forest of Piano on Netflix

Forest of Piano one is the latest anime series to release on Netflix as an original but with only 12 episodes in its first season, you’ll be wanting to know if and when season 2 of Forest of Piano will be coming to Netflix. Here’s what we know about the upcoming second season.

What is the Forest of Piano?

The series is based on the manga called ‘Perfect World of Kai’, by author Makoto Isshiki. Makoto was inspired to create the Manga after watching a documentary on the 1985 International Chopin Piano competition winner, Stanislav Bunin.

The manga is now over 20 years old with the first volume having released all the way back in 1998. By the end of its run in 2015, the story had 26 volumes consisting of 241 Chapters.

8 years prior to the finale of the manga, a film based on the events of Kai as a child was created by studio Madhouse. Unfortunately, the film is unavailable to stream on Netflix.

Kai performing his music in ‘Piano no Mori’ the film adaptation.

Has season 2 of Forest of Piano confirmed?

Yes, not only has it been confirmed but we’re expecting a quick turn around as we’ll explain below.

What to expect from season 2

*Spoilers for Season 1*

Season one ended with Kai’s performance at the International Chopin Piano Competition to rapturous applause. We can expect the results of the competition to be revealed in the first few episodes. We can also expect to see further competition for Kai now that he has entered at the very top of the piano world. By being the only student to Ajino Sousuke the competition will be fierce from his rivals to prove who is the best pianist in the world.

In comparison to the Manga, season one ended at chapter 142 out of the 241 that has been written so we currently have 99 chapters worth left to go.

Season 1 ending with Kai’s performance (Chapter 142 of Piano No Mori)

With only 99 chapters remaining of the story left for the Anime to use from the source material, it would be of no surprise if Season 2 is the ending to Forest of Piano.

To find out more of the story of season 1 don’t forget to check out the review.

Is the cast returning for Season 2?

As of this moment, there isn’t any casting news for Season 2 for Forest of Piano but it would be safe to assume that the cast will return to finish the remainder of the story. Unless they have flashbacks to when Kai and Shuhei were children I wouldn’t expect to see the child voice actors return.

For the pianists, I would expect most of them to reprise their roles for the characters they have performed as but I’ll update this once I have more information.


When will season 2 of Forest of Piano be on Netflix?

Season 2 is set for release in Japan in January of 2019. The show will be simulcast and will be on the Japanese Netflix with episodes being released weekly. The international release of Forest of Piano can be expected sometime in the late Summer of 2019.

Are you excited for season 2 of Forest of Piano? Let us know in the comments below.

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