Forest of Piano Season 3: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

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It took longer than expected but the second season of Forest of Piano has now been and gone on Netflix. Serving up another 12 episodes of a piano masterclass, fans may be expecting to see more of Forest of Piano in the future. Sadly this is unlikely to happen. Allow us to explain why Forest of Piano isn’t returning for season 3.

Forest of Piano is a Japanese anime based on manga Piano no Mori: The Perfect World of Kai by author Makoto Isshiki. The manga debuted in 1998 in Young Magazine Uppers. A total of 26 volumes and 243 chapters were released from August 1998 to November 2015. In 2007, halfway through the run of the manga, an anime film was produced, it would take another 11 years before the anime would debut on NHK.

Shuhei, the son of a professional pianist moves from the city to the countryside and struggles to adapt to his new life. After being bullied, Shuhei is forced to seek out the abandoned piano in the middle of the forest, it’s here he befriends Kai Ichinose. The piano is seemingly broken but Kai is the only one able to play the piano. Realizing the talent his new friend has, Shuhei asks Kai to take piano lessons. Reluctant at first, Kai finally takes up piano lessons with former master pianist Sosuke Ajino. As Kai begins to refine his talent, Shuhei soon realizes his best friend has now become his biggest rival.

Forest of Piano Season 3 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Ended (Last Updated: 01/07/2019)

The story of Forest of Piano has come to a conclusive end. All chapters of the manga have been covered by the anime adaptation, therefore, there won’t be any more seasons of Forest of Piano.

At the time of writing author, Makoto Isshiki hasn’t written any spin-offs for the manga. It’s highly unlikely Isshiki will be writing anything further for Forest of Piano and considering it’s long run from August 1998 to December 2015, it may take a very long time before any source material could be adapted into an anime.

There’s potential for some OVA episodes to be made but we’re unsure if this will happen.

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Forest of Piano Season 3 Release Date

As we’ve stated above Forest of Piano won’t be receiving a third season so don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

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