‘FUBAR’ Season 2 Gearing Up for Production; Filming to Begin in April 2024

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Fubar Season 2 Gearing Up For Production Start 2024

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Last summer, the Arnold Schwarzenegger action-comedy series FUBAR was given a second season renewal just a month after season 1 premiered in May 2023. Due to the strikes, production hasn’t managed to get underway on the second season as of yet but that’ll soon change with filming dates now set for the upcoming season 2.

News of filming dates come from the Directors Guild of Canada, which has just updated its website with a new swanky version. They outline several key stages for the production of the second season of FUBAR:

They begin with pre-production. This involves getting the script finalized, hiring of any actors for the second season, scouting filming locations, getting the equipment in the right place and sorting out budgets. That’s already began as of February 5th, 2024 and is due to be going through to April 28th, 2024.

That leads us to production itself which is scheduled for a four-month period according to the listing taking place from April 29th through to August 28th, 2024.

Throughout that production period and beyond the filming wap,  you’ve got both picture and sound post-production. This is where all the filming that’s taken place gets taken to the edit bay and to VFX houses to smooth the edges and bring you the final product.

Per DGC, picture post-production is scheduled for April 29th through September 22n with sound post picking up from September 23rd through November 1st.

Of course, given the complexity in filming – all these dates are subject to change.

Once again, the show uses the codename UTAP, so if you spot any filming for that throughout Ontario, you know what it’s for.

What does this mean for a Netflix release date for FUBAR season 2?

Given we’ve even gotten the sound post-production timeline, we know that the absolute earliest that the show could return is in November 2024.

That said, Netflix didn’t include the title in its unveiling of the 90+ TV shows set to arrive throughout 2024 so it could easily be in the early few months of 2025.

We’ve got lots more on FUBAR season 2 in our main preview for the upcoming second season and as soon as we learn more of casting and pictures from the set, we’ll keep you posted.

Are you looking forward to the return of FUBAR season 2 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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