Girl Meets World: Fans Ask Netflix to Revive Disney Show

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Fans in their thousands have been using social media to reach out to Netflix (among other providers) to revive the Disney show which got axed in 2016. Girl Meets World only got three seasons which is a lot lower than most shows do on Disney Channel.

The fan campaigns have spread across the internet calling on many networks including Netflix to pick up the show for a fourth season. On social media, fans are using the hashtag #savegirlmeetsworld and various petitions have sprung up too asking for the continuation of the show.

Girl Meets World is a spin-off from the 90’s show of the same name, although it faced some issues it did manage to secure a massive global fanbase. This, of course, wouldn’t be the first time Netflix picks up a 90’s show. Full House made its Netflix debut last year in the form of Fuller House. It’s been very successful for Netflix and has already produced 2 seasons in less than a year.

What are the chances?

Netflix has been pretty good at picking up older shows but as of late, they’re far more focused on producing their own content. However, if there’s enough fan support (as shown with Longmire) Netflix certainly has the ability to pick up the show.

We actually included Girl Meets World in our top 20 shows Netflix should revive in 2017 list.

When will Season 3 of Girl Meets World come to Netflix?

If you’re looking for the final season of the show to come to Netflix, it may be a while until we get the next season of the show on Netflix. The last time a Girl Meets World season was added back in April 2016. We’ve seen a exodus of Disney content recently so assuming that Girl Meets World isn’t next, we think that the next season will come to Netflix in April 2017. That’s even taking into account the weird release schedule for season 3.

What Can I Do To Help?

Netflix offers a dedicated page where fans can suggest shows to the service which is the best place to start. Otherwise, Netflix has a big social media presence which you should tag in your tweets. Signing the petitions seen above will also help get the word out.

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