‘Girls5eva’ Season 4: Will Netflix Renew Or Cancel?

We assess the performance of the Peacock-turned-Netflix Original series so far.

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Girls5eva Netflix Season 4 Will Netflix Renew Or Cancel

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Girls5eva is the latest show to be revived at Netflix, joining Lucifer and Manifest. With all three seasons now on Netflix, will we get season 4 of Girls5eva? Let’s take a look.

From executive producer Tina Fey, the musical comedy series starring Sara Bareilles, Busy Philipps, Paula Pell, and Renée Elise began its life for the first two seasons exclusive to Peacock. Then, rather unexpectedly, Netflix announced in late 2022 that it would be reviving the show away from Peacock for a third season and taking the streaming rights to seasons 1-2.

Netflix added Girls5eva in two waves across the world. International regions, including the UK, picked up seasons 1-2 in February 2023, while Netflix US got the show alongside season 3 on March 15th.

Girls5eva Season 4 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Not Yet Renewed
Our Renewal Prediction: Likely Cancelation

As of late March 2024, Netflix has yet to officially announce whether Girls5eva will be back for a fourth season. The performance will ultimately determine whether the show is given a fourth season.

The team behind the show is open to more, and Netflix didn’t specifically say whether or not it would be the last in the run-up to season 3, ultimately leaving the door open for more. The story leaves the door open, too.

Speaking to Decider’s Raven Brunner around the time of season 3’s release, Meredith Scardino told her, “We’re not greenlit for another season,” adding, “I would like to do [another] one. I would like to see the story continue, assuming people watch it and love it.”

Based on the lack of data for the show from Netflix’s top 10 and the daily top 10 charts (more on this below), we believe that getting a renewal will be difficult for the show. You can read more on how Netflix decides whether to renew a show or not here.

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How well has Girls5eva Performed on Netflix So Far?

Now, as mentioned, data from Netflix has been almost non-existent, suggesting that none of the show’s seasons have entered the global top 10 charts despite changes in recent years favoring views over pure viewing hours, which would’ve put Girls5eva at a disadvantage.

In the first week that the show was eligible to feature in the Netflix top 10s, it ultimately missed out, suggesting that it got 1.2 million views or lower for that week for any of its seasons. It’s important to note that Netflix splits each entry in the top 10s by season. It’s, therefore, likely that many Netflixers started off watching with season 1, and some would’ve gotten straight onto season 3. Internationally, though, most would’ve had a year to watch seasons 1 and 2, but it still didn’t make the difference to get season 3 featured.

How about daily top 10s? There, the story is equally as bad. Only one region has seen Girls5eva feature in the top 10; that was Ireland last year for a single day. Elsewhere, the show hasn’t featured at all.

How about external data, then?

Variety, posting their first-ever roundup of new Luminate data, suggested the series didn’t manage to break into their top 10 but rather that season 1 fell just outside the top 10. Their data is US-only.

“Looking beyond the TV series top 10, the first season of the much-praised comedy series “Girls5eva” jumped up to No. 13 as the series relocated to Netflix from Peacock in tandem with its Season 3 debut on March 14. With the move to Netflix’s more widely trafficked platform, Season 1 of the series that debuted in 2021 on Peacock saw a 968% week-to-week gain to 116.6 million minutes watched.”

Another external metric is Google Trends, which measures Search Interest in any given show. There, we can see that when zoomed out to the past five years, its addition to Netflix US and season 3 launching worldwide have caused a massive spike in interest. The second chart shows the drop-off since it was added to Netflix over the past few weeks.

Google Trends Data For Girls5eva

Google Trends Data for Girls5eva

This Google Trends bounce seems to be echoed by social media but to a lesser extent. Jonathan Cohen, an analyst from BedrockPR using data from social media analytics firm ListenFirst, suggested an uplift, but perhaps not a lift big enough to justify moving forward.

“Between March 15-18, 2024, there were 2,209 Tweets mentioning either Girls5Eva or the hashtag #Girls5Eva on X/Twitter. That’s up from the 1,290 Tweets mentioning Girls5Eva between May 5 -7, 2022, around Season 2 starting. However, that’s significantly down from the 5,536 Tweets mentioning Girls5eva between May 6-8, 2021, around the show’s Season 1 start.

Additionally, Netflix posted about Girls5Eva 80 times on social media between January 1 – March 17, 2024, with those posts averaging only 4,759 engagements (likes, comments, shares). During the same time period, all other posts by Netflix on social media averaged 23,912 engagements.”

Would you like Girls5eva to return for a season 4 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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