‘Gran Turismo’ Sets Netflix US Streaming Date for December 2023

The movie will hit Netflix in the US in December 2023.

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Gran Turismo Netflix Us Release Date

Picture: Sony Pictures

Gran Turismo hit theaters towards the end of August (or earlier if you live in countries like the United Kingdom) and will begin its rollout on Netflix in multiple regions in the coming years, with Netflix US now confirming a December 2023 release.

Based on the video game of the same name, the biographical film follows someone who was part of the GT Academy and was promoted from a virtual driving seat to a real one.

The cast includes Stranger Things star David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, and Archie Madekwe. Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9, is the director behind the project, with Jason Hall and Zach Baylin behind the screenplay.

Gran Turismo is part of a growing wave of video-game adaptations that seems to be Hollywood’s flavor of the month, and Netflix is no exception. They’ve got their own robust slate of video game adaptations, including one from PlayStation Productions in the form of a Horizon Zero Dawn series currently in active development.

When will Gran Turismo be on Netflix in the United States?

Let’s begin with US Netflix, which we now know will receive the movie before the year ends.

Thanks to a deal struck back in 2021, Netflix in the US currently has been receiving all theatrical movies from Sony (and a few Sony Pictures Classics titles, too) from 2022 onwards.

When Sony movies come to Netflix differs from title to title. Some arrive precisely 120 days after their theatrical release date, while others can land a few weeks later. In the case of Gran Turismo, 120 days would’ve placed it landing on December 23rd, but we’re happy to report it’ll be dropping even earlier.

An update to the Netflix page for the movie now confirms Netflix US will receive Gran Turismo on December 15th, 2023.

Gran Turismo Netflix Us Release Date

Release date for Gran Turismo on Netflix

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Will Gran Turismo be on Netflix Internationally?

Sony movies do rotate on and off Netflix around the globe, although not all regions have a first-window deal like the United States.

In India, they typically get new Sony movies around the same time as the United States or even a little earlier in some instances. That means we’ll likely see it added in December 2023.

Other countries in Asia (such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and South Korea) get new Sony movies within a year or so after release, meaning they’ll stream them at some point in early to mid 2024.

Belgium, The Netherlands, South Korea, and Italy will get the movie at some point in 2024, too, although likely in the latter half of the year.

Netflix in the United Kingdom is getting Sony movies roughly two years after theatrical releases. That means it’ll receive the movie in 2025.

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Picture: Sony Pictures

Will you check out Gran Turismo in theaters or wait for it to come to Netflix?