When will The Incredibles 2 be on Netflix?

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The Incredibles 2 – Copyright Disney

The Incredibles 2 is coming to Netflix across multiple Netflix regions in 2019. Here’s the full rundown of when you can expect The Incredibles 2 on Netflix in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

Of all of Pixar’s movies, The Incredibles is one of the most highly regarded and often tops any and all lists when it comes to the best. Naturally, a sequel has been highly requested but it’s taken 12 years to make that dream a reality. From all accounts, the sequel has scored with both fans and critics.

Incredibles 2 is back with the Parr’s a little older but still facing constant new threats. The whole gang has returned including other movie favourites such as Edna Mode and Frozone!

If you’re in the United States or Canada, you’re covered by an exclusive Netflix/Disney arrangement. In the said arrangement, new movies come to Netflix roughly 9 months after their theatrical release.

Netflix US Release Date

As part of the Disney contract, new movies arrive on Netflix between eight and nine months after the initial theatrical release. We’ve had plenty of movies arrive now as part of this contract meaning we can accurately predict the release which has now been confirmed.

The date of when it’ll be streaming on Netflix is January 30th, 2019 alongside multiple other Disney properties such as Solo and Ant-Man.

But wait, there is a chance Incredibles 2 won’t come to Netflix

The above release date only works if we’ve interpreted the Disney contract correctly. Our interpretation is that any movie release between 2016 and 2019 will be coming to Netflix. In which case, The Incredibles 2 is definitely staying. Of course, if it does get added, it’ll only be on Netflix for a year and a half.

Netflix Canada Release Date

Netflix Canada roughly gets their movies around the same time as the US as of right now. There’s also no word of the Disney contract expiring like the US either.

What about Netflix UK?

The United Kingdom may get the new movie but other platforms already have the above deal. NowTV will likely be the first streaming provider to nab Incredibles 2 with DisneyLife likely picking up if Netflix doesn’t bid high enough. We’re talking several years down the line though.

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