Ingobernable Season 2: Netflix Renewal and Release Date

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The Mexican Netflix Original has made a great debut on Netflix, but many have already finished the first fifteen episodes and looking for season 2 on Netflix. The good news is that the streaming service will almost certainly renew the show. This page contains a renewal tracker and a predicted release date for all those fans of the show.

The show is a Spanish-language answer to Netflix’s English political drama House of Cards and the French language Marseille. It focuses on the first lady of Mexico who is losing faith in her husband and must do everything to both uncover the truth and at the same time, save face.

The series is dubbed in English as well having Spanish and Spanish Audio Description options. Of course, you’re also able to enjoy the Spanish audio along with a vast array of subtitle options, so there’s no excuse as to why you can’t be watching the show regardless of whether you speak Spanish or not.

Ingobernable Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: The show has officially been renewed.

The series was announced to have a second season around two weeks after its global initial debut with some new footage showcasing what’s next to come. It only states that 2018 is the release date.

Ingobernable Season 2 Release Date

Obviously, there’s a bit of speculation here as we await the details of whether or not the show is going to be renewed but if it’s anything like some of the other main Netflix Originals you can expect it to release in a yearly cycle.

That means we could expect a new season of Ingobernable in March 2018 at the earliest. Once we know some more about the production and renewal of season 2, we’ll be able to make a firmer prediction.

Did you watch the first season of Ingobernable? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below as well as how excited you are about the thought of a second season.

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